WeForest and PieSync continue planting trees in India

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July 24, 2018


Since 2017, PieSync has been committed to stop global warming and deforestation in partnership with WeForest. Trees are the best-known technology to cool our planet, that’s why we are planting a tree for every new customer that subscribes to our service.

Thanks to PieSync’s customers, we plant trees in the Khasi Hills of India, home to the Khasi indigenous community. WeForest has worked in collaboration with this community for the regeneration of the forest.

In the Khasi Hills, WeForest partnered with a federation of 10 indigenous governments and 62 Khasi villages to restore areas of forest through assisted natural regeneration (ANR) with enrichment planting. -WeForest Project Report- May 2018

Impact on the community

WeForest’s project not only has a positive impact on the environment but also on the local community.

Keeping the planted trees alive and growing requires the engagement of the whole community. Our dynamic project team in India consists of forestry, socio-economic and finance professionals from the Khasi communities. -WeForest Project Report- May 2018

On WeForest’s Project Report for May 2018, WeForest shared a map where we can see the trees planted with PieSync’s collaboration and also some wonderful stories about the local people and their interaction with the forest and the project.

Take a tour through the Khasi Hills in this webmap

Microenterprise development - tea room selling pickles - Woman originally loved 4,500 rupees to establish her own enterprisecopyright ©WeForest.

Workshop on forest-water interactions

For 2018, one of the main challenges for WeForest is to educate the community on forest-water interactions.

In response to community concerns about water availability and quality, WeForest collaborated with FAO’s Forest and Water Programme to organize a workshop for our Indian project partners on forest-water interactions. -WeForest Project Report- May 2018

On February, forest hydrologists showed members of the community how to better monitor forest-water processes and studied the soil.

Portrait Group NurseryOfTanborAndHisWife Aug2017 IND (c)WeForest copyright ©WeForest.

Are you a PieSync user? Thank you for helping us save the planet!

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