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August 26, 2016

Links Roundup 26 August

Links roundup PieSyncHere's what we've been reading this week at PieSync. Grab a cup of coffee, sit down and enjoy these quality articles from around the web.

Sci-Fi Tech Come True

Washington Post: Putting a computer in your brain is no longer science fiction "Kernel, is building a tiny chip that can be implanted in the brain to help people suffering from neurological damage caused by strokes, Alzheimer’s or concussions. Top neuroscientists who are building the chip — they call it a neuroprosthetic — hope that in the longer term, it will be able to boost intelligence, memory and other cognitive tasks. " Fast Company: Nike Introduces HyperAdapt, Its First Self-Lacing Shoe For Consumers"The shoe auto-closes when you insert your foot—after your heel makes contact with a sensor—and then can be tightened and loosened by pressing "plus" or "minus" buttons on its exterior. The shoe’s battery lasts about two weeks, and includes inductive recharging." Engadet: Six futuristic data storage technologies "Digital technology is taking over the world, and scientists are hard at work finding better ways to store data -- lots of it and for long periods of time. Scientists are exploring new materials for data storage as well as new methods for printing data on their chosen medium. While some companies are storing data on the ocean floor, other imagineers look upward, dreaming of giant storage skyscrapers. With so many different innovations happening in such a short period of time, the race is on to unlock the keys to near-limitless data storage potential."

Connecting on Social Media

Harvard Business Review: To Get More Out of Social Media, Think Like an Anthropologist"Anthropologists and the culturally sensitive analysts who think like them specialize in meaning management. Their function is to take complex bits of data and develop a higher-order sense of them. Information and meaning work at cross purposes. In managing meaning, context is everything while in managing information context is error and noise. When we give our social listening projects to information specialists, we lose an appreciation of context and with it the ability to extract the meanings that provide insight for our companies and brands." Time: How Trolls Are Ruining the Internet"Internet trolls have a manifesto of sorts, which states they are doing it for the “lulz,” or laughs. What trolls do for the lulz ranges from clever pranks to harassment to violent threats. There’s also doxxing–publishing personal data, such as Social Security numbers and bank accounts–and swatting, calling in an emergency to a victim’s house so the SWAT team busts in. When victims do not experience lulz, trolls tell them they have no sense of humor."

PieSync Around The Web

PieSync Guest Blog Post at Pipeliner CRM: 2 Tips to Simplify Your Contacts Database"If you’re reading this on the Pipeliner CRM Blog, then it’s safe to say that you’re already using a CRM – probably Pipeliner – to help you organize your contacts. I also know that Pipeliner CRM(https://www.pipelinersales.com/crm/benefits/? hstc=7347507.5e1f2a0040ae6420bff456e06cf120bb.1468931127611.1471961099760.1472211933159.7& hssc=7347507.1.1472211933159& hsfp=2500096155)users are all about simplicity and cybernetics(https://www.pipelinersales.com/crm/versions/automata/cybernetics/? hstc=7347507.5e1f2a0040ae6420bff456e06cf120bb.1468931127611.1471961099760.1472211933159.7& hssc=7347507.1.1472211933159& hsfp=2500096155) to help them navigate complexity and to focus on what’s truly important. But even the well-organized system can become chaotic. Data entry can be a real drag, and if you’re using additional cloud apps that aren’t integrated with Pipeliner CRM, your contact management workflow is probably a full-time job in itself." PieSync Guest Blog Post at KissMetrics: 7 Outstanding Ways to use Salesforce to Boost Customer RetentionYou’ve done your research and finally decided that Salesforce fits your business needs. You’ve drawn visitors to your website, networked like crazy, collected lots of business cards, and ramped up your social media presence. You’ve gathered data for leads, and you’ve converted leads into customers. But your customers cancel their accounts after a month or so. It’s just not for them. Or your competition is a smooth operator and has swiped your customers right out from under your nose! With fierce competition and customers that are prone to change their minds, you need every tool available to retain your customers. Saunders and Lee: Don't Waste Time On Contact Management"Is contact management the bane of your life? You probably have some contacts in Outlook, some in LinkedIn, some on your phone and a dusty stack of business cards you use as coffee cup coasters. Contacts contacts everywhere and not a one is synced." You might also like: Weekly Link Roundup August 12

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