Women's Day 2017: Inspirational Women in Marketing

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March 8, 2017

Inspirational Women in Marketing 2017

Inspirational Women in Marketing 2017

Happy Women’s Day 2017!

To celebrate this day we’re highlighting some of the inspirational women working in digital marketing.

But I don’t want to highlight any old marketing in any old company - I want to highlight women who are on the forefront of digital marketing for SaaS companies.

I’ve personally worked with many of these women and I can attest to their brilliance and tenacity in their chosen field. A huge applause!

Without further ado, here are our top picks for Inspirational Women in Marketing for 2017.

Nicole German

Not only has Nicole has nourished the PieSync Marketing team with her marketing wisdom (she’s totally kick-ass!), she’s a force of her own with experience in some formidable marketing teams, ranging from disruptive start-ups to LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Profile

Check her out in this awesome interview

Isabelle Dro Digital Communications Marketer at UXprobe

Isabelle wears many hats in her role. Not only is she at the helm of all UXprobe’s content marketing initiatives, she is also community building through social media, doing PR, grow hacking, and organizing meetups about UX. Above all Isabelle is generous with her knowledge and is supportive of her peers. Her depth of knowledge makes her an invaluable asset to the industry.

Sofie Nelen

Sofie Nelen Digital Marketeer at SurveyAnyPlace

Sofie is a true innovator, always looking for new ways to meet her goals. She’s responsible for a successful social boost group in the European Startup scene. Unafraid to take risks, and measure their results, Sofie is an inspiration to all digital marketers.

Michaela Prouzova -Community Manager at Nimble

Michaela heads Nimble’s PR outreach and pens Nimble’s marketing materials. Michaela is a curious and warm person, who is always happy to lend a hand and share her knowledge with fellow marketers. She’s known in the industry for caring deeply about Nimble’s customer base, striving to bring them the very best content to help them build better relationships.

Katharina Cavano Content Marketer at Contactually

Katharina, or “Kat”, is the talented Content Marketer at Contactually. She writes and curates the most awesome content for the Contactually blog, and is a super-warm person to boot!

Alyssa Ackerman Director of Marketing EverThere

Alyssa blazes trails working at tech startups and creative agencies, helping clients understand, reach, and grow their audiences. Alyssa proves she’s a digital marketing guru by teaching and mentoring both Marketing and User Experience with General Assembly.

Do you know any other inspirational women in marketing? Let me know in the comments!

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