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February 27, 2017

Workbooks contacts sync two-way real time PieSync

Workbooks two-way database sync your favorite cloud apps

Workbooks CRM now has a two-way, real-time sync with your favorite cloud apps, thanks to PieSync!

Here are all the apps you can sync Workbooks with:

Why PieSync?

On average businesses use 6 cloud apps. This means you're getting information about leads and customer from many different sources.

One of the biggest problems with cloud apps has been that they aren't integrated. This means you have to work out how to get prospect and customer data from one database to another. Often making multiple moves just to make sure your databases are up to date.

Maybe you regularly import and export your data between databases. Or you try to keep them up to date with manual data entry.

The problem is databases are constantly changing and these processes aren't able to keep up. This can lead to total database disaster.

You need an integration, like PieSync, to automatically keep your databases up to date. PieSync keep your cloud databases up to date and eliminate duplicates.

PieSync syncs your lead and customer databases together so that your cloud apps continuously have the most up to date contact information.

Our customers save on average 25 hours every month on contacts management. Be more productive and connect your cloud apps using PieSync today. TRY FOR FREE.

Two Example Use Cases for Workbooks

Sales and Marketing Combined = a Powerful Team Connect Workbooks with your marketing automation app and power your sales and marketing teams with the same correct, up to date, lead and customer data.

Prospect and customer data is being constantly updated in both apps - whether it's new contact information, or they are moving through the buyer's journey. But it's not always so simple for sales to tell marketing about these changes, or for marketing to tell sales.

Because lead and customer data is constantly changing in both apps, a one-way data push won't be effective in keeping their records up to date. If you use an app like Zapier, which specializes in one-way data pushes, you run the very high risk of infecting your databases with duplicate records and inaccuracies.

With PieSync you can choose "one source of truth" - and enable a two-way sync between Workbooks and your marketing automation app. This ensures that both have apps have exactly the same records and information as each other. PieSync also checks for duplicates and gets rid of them.

Both your marketing and sales teams will work more efficiently, save time, and make more money when they are using the most correct up to date information.

Take your contacts with you

Your sales teams are on the road and they need immediate access to their contacts. Even with mobile apps for CRMs, most sales teams still prefer to manage their contacts in Outlook of Google Contacts.

You can connect your sales team to the Workbooks database via Google Contacts or Outlook. Your sales teams have all the correct lead and customer data to hand when they need it most. They will also be able to update records in Workbooks while they're out and about.


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