You can now sync company-to-company data with PieSync!

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October 1, 2019


The word is out: PieSync’s synchronization solution just keeps getting better! We’ve spent the past few years building the perfect bridge between teams in your organization, integrating contact and lead information on your business tools. We’re very happy to announce that as of today, PieSync allows users to sync company information as well!

About PieSync

We sync contact, lead and company information, two-way and in real time, between hundreds of different apps, such as customer relationship management (CRMs), marketing apps, customer service tools, billing software and many more. In fact, we’re nearing the mark of 200 supported apps!

Our two-way sync solution means that, whenever a customer’s information is added or modified in one app, the change is automatically synced to the other one.

Customer data is one of the most valuable assets of a company, so we know how important it is to keep it updated and consistent between apps. Therein lies the challenge: the average small to medium enterprise (SME) can run dozens of different applications, which together form the app stack of a company.

With different teams using different applications, it’s hard to get all these apps to work together and communicate, leading to pesky data silos.

isolated islands of data

That’s where we come in: PieSync is an ideal solution to get these your apps to talk to one another, allowing you to create a bidirectional syncing solution for contacts, leads and now companies that works in real time, all the time!

What’s new

Now we’re taking it up a notch. With this newly released function, you can sync company data just like you would sync contact data: two-way, in real time and with the possibility to apply rules and filters to customize the sync according to your workflows.

Note that not all the apps we support will benefit from this update, since some of them don’t have a “companies” field. Please consult the most up-to-date list in the knowledge base.

How does it work?

When setting up a new connection, there are four steps you must follow. First, choose the apps you would like to sync. The next step is authenticating the apps by logging into each of them respectively. If you need help with this, click here for more information.

If you’ve managed to sail smoothly through the first two steps, move on to the third - that’s where you can choose the type of customer data you would like to sync. Just select “companies” from the drop-down menu for both of the apps you’re syncing.

It’s important to note that this will only work if you’re syncing company information on both apps. Trying to sync contacts with companies, for example, won’t work (stay tuned, though - we’re working hard to enable this as soon as we can).


You’ll probably manage these companies differently than you manage contacts, so make sure you take some time to configure a rule-based setup that works for you.

This sync will match up your records based on company name or email address. That’s why it’s crucial to make sure that you have entered matching names for a company in both apps.

“If the company record in app A states "PieSync Inc" and in app B "PieSync", this will result in a duplicate record.”

However, if you have entered “piesync” in app A and “PieSync” in app B, we will still recognize both as the same entity, since our engine is case insensitive. That’s how we avoid creating duplicates.

Watch our video tutorial for more information

Need more help? You can read this article if you want to find out more about our new company-to-company syncing feature. Our team is always happy to answer any questions you may have, so don’t hesitate to reach out to us at

List of currently supported apps in this update

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