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January 4, 2018

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Taking your Business to the next level

Nimble: 5 Business Strategies To Build A Stronger Company

Howard Lewinter from Nimble wrote this inspiring article on how to create a stronger, more competitive company: “My goal with this article is simply to get you to think. To inspire your thinking to build a stronger company.” Step Number 1: Always Make The BIG Bet. Check it out.

Xero: Six business lessons to take your brand from startup to growth

Based on the experiences and insights of four successful entrepreneurs from different industry sectors, Xero gathers pieces of advice on some of the most important aspects of starting out on your own. They’ve also shared insights on how to take your business to the next stage: acquiring bigger business premises; hiring staff and getting stocked by major retailers. Take a look at this wonderful article.

Tips for accountants

Debitoor: What your accountant should do daily

Your interaction with your customers and your suppliers has changed dramatically over the past decade or so. With the constant introduction of new technology, combined with new channels for communication and interaction, it’s no wonder these relationships have shifted to suit the times. This is what your accountant should do daily.

FreshBooks: What You Need to Know About Small Business Taxes in 2018

With tax reform working its way through United States Congress right now, it’s unclear yet precisely which provisions of the bill will ultimately be passed into law and when those new rules will take effect. Despite this uncertainty, a new tax year is right around the corner. Here’s what FreshBooks knows about tax season in 2018.

“Churn: The big hairy beast that every SaaS business has to face”

Zoho: How churn can plateau the growth of your subscription business

Many subscription businesses and early-stage startups burn a lot of money on customer acquisition, only to discover that most of them are churning. Here you’ll find a great explanation of the main issues with churn and five ways to fight against it. A blog post by our friends from Zoho.

Zendesk: Turn the churn around: how to reduce customer churn

Learning to be cognizant of what can be controlled with customer churn is the way to reduce it. Zendesk guides us on how to turn the churn around in a few steps. Prepare for keeping those “thanks, but no thanks” replies at bay!

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