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April 6, 2018


Sales Tips and Tricks

Salesforce: 3 reasons to know the ins and outs of your leads

Salesforce features Terryberry, a company that has grown 20% in size in the past year alone. The secrets behind Terryberry’s growth? Salesforce provides three reasons to know ins and out of leads and the role of CRM in this connection.

Zoho CRM: 3 simple ways to equip others to lead

In this blog J. Israel Greeneexplains, via Zoho CRM, gives us 3 simple ways to equip others to lead. He also explains why it’s a better idea to “delegate responsibilities and lend authority to potential leaders” rather than working solo. Ready to prepare leaders? Check this article!

Pipedrive: 4 ways to banish your fear of sales pricing questions

If you are working in sales, you must have faced the fear of pricing questions from potential customers. Even seasoned veterans tend to prepare well about pricing questions before any sales meeting. Pipedrive suggests 4 ways to banish this fear!

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All About CRM

Freshsales: 9 use cases in sales, and how CRM software can help

Wondering how can a CRM help your business? Our friends from Freshsales collected 9 sales use cases that cover lead prioritisation, automation, customer support, and much more!

Zoho CRM: Four must-have add-ons for your CRM system

Seasoned columnist Gene Marks writes a guest blog for Zoho CRM explaining why cloud-based systems should be the ONLY choice when deciding on a CRM. In this article, you will discover the must-have add-ons for any CRM system. Take a look!

Bpm’online: 4 CRM trends to accelerate transformation and foster innovation in 2018 (Free Ebook)

Chief Evangelist at Bpm’online, Matt Tharp, predicts 4 CRM trends for 2018. Download this amazing ebook and understand the main points companies need to focus on to meet evolving customer expectations.

Product Updates

Freshsales: Be productive with these cool new features

In February, Freshsales released two large features: Advanced Sales Reports, and Web Forms. Additionally, it has released some small yet powerful productivity features. Check them out on this link.

Zoho CRM: Introducing Zia Voice, a conversational AI for sales teams and much more

Zia was released over a year ago as an AI-powered sales assistant on Zoho CRM. Today, Zia learns to speak! The updated version of the conversational assistant for sales teams, can now interact with you through both voice and chat messages to perform any action inside Zoho CRM. Learn all about it!

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