Zoho CRM and Quickbooks Integration: PieSync Guidelines

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April 9, 2019


The Zoho CRM and Quickbooks integration is a common used sync.

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Businesses that use this sync will have their books balanced and organized without losing valuable time they can’t miss.

By creating a sync between Zoho CRM and Quickbooks, colleagues in accounting can count on the addresses in Quickbooks to be correct and up to date. It can also automatically send through customer information from Zoho CRM to Quickbooks when a deal is closed so that invoicing can begin. Through the power of syncing, your business has only one address book to maintain: Zoho CRM’s… Or Quickbooks! Whichever you want.

After closing a deal, sales staff typically identifies to whom invoices should be sent. They will create this contact in Zoho CRM. Through PieSync, the contacts of the invoice recipient can be synced to your accounting team in Quickbooks.

Keep your CRM and your Accounting Apps in Sync.

Let’s get started with this Zoho Quickbooks online integration!

Firstly, choose Google Contacts to start a sync with Zoho CRM.

Secondly, authorise your apps on the PieSync dashboard to set up a 2 way-sync.

Click here to set up a sync with Quickbooks and Zoho CRM

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Then, set up a rule in PieSync to sync contacts from Zoho CRM to Quickbooks using tags such as “invoice recipient”. This way, colleagues in accounting can rely on recipients’ address information to be correctly pre-filled out in Quick- books, no more double checking. Smooth handover!

Maybe sales forgot to handover to accounting. No worries: even when accounting creates new contacts in their own invoice app, they will be synced to and identified as invoice recipients in Zoho CRM. So make sure you set up a rule that stipulates that PieSync sync contacts from Quickbooks to Zoho CRM if they carry a specific tag such as “invoice recipient”

The cherry on top: Quickbooks can track whether a contact still has open invoices or not to their name. Since PieSync works 2-way, as soon as the invoice gets paid and is logged in Quickbooks, the tag disappears in Zoho CRM. Make sure you switch on the toggle next to “Undo” for this - this toggle is located under the rule on the PieSync dashboard.


Quickbooks to Zoho CRM. When accounting creates new contacts in Quickbooks, they will be synced to Zoho CRM, along with the information about their payment status (handy for sales and customer care teams who are in contact with contacts). For this latter feature, you simply create a custom field in Zoho so it can store Quickbooks’ information.

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Thanks to PieSync’s Teams features, you and your colleagues can sync contacts from Quickbooks into Zoho CRM (and vice versa). Duplicates (where the same contact is synced multiple times) are prevented because PieSync first checks to see if no similar contacts have been synced based on email addresses.

Want to discover more inspiring combinations? Take a look at our PieSync Guidelines for Zoho CRM users.

PieSync Guidelines for Zoho CRM users

This eBook offers a step-by-step guide on how to combine the power of Zoho CRM with other tools

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