Customer story

AE Home Group

Jeff Miller
Realtor at AE Home Group
  • For AE Home Group, the key to offer a good service is to make it personal and customized.
  • They wanted to adjust their communications across every channel based on segmentation.
  • With PieSync, they can manage customer data efficiently. Now, their customer data is up-to-date across their entire software stack.

AE Home Group gathers experienced realtors based in Maryland, USA. Jeff Miller is one of them. “Nowadays, you can’t work as an individual in real estate. You have to be able to rely on a group of professionals willing to work on social media, emailing and whatever comes next,” says Jeff.

He describes the contemporary real estate agent as a self-made marketing expert. For him and his team, the key is to ofer a service as personal and customized as possible.

Before, you could print 10,000 copies of a generic flyer with some content about your business and put it in people's mailboxes and it worked. Now you have to segment. You have to reach individuals.

AE Home Group is a business based on customer data management. Their added value to the market is their capability to adjust to their clients’ particular situations and needs. That’s why their customers’ categories go from broad segments such as “retirement house” or “growing families” to specific segments such as “military relocation”, “inheritance house” or “luxury buyer”.

A big challenge for them is to reach out to all of these segments with the customized attention they offer to each and every customer.

How PieSync helped

While it is true that nowadays digital communication is the most efficient way to send marketing messages, when it comes to selling a house at some point there is a need for a human voice on the other side of the phone. That’s why, on the homepage of AE Home Group, you can fill in your information to receive a phone call, or you can directly dial their number. That’s where RingCentral comes in.

“It’s very common that the first touch point with the customer happens through our call center. We use RingCentral, which adds the customer's phone number and the segment to which they belong.”

But that’s only a part of the whole structure. This real estate agency uses Podio as a CRM, ActiveCampaign as a marketing automation tool and Constant Contact for email marketing.

Before PieSync, it was a real hassle for AE Home Group to manage contact data. They had leads coming from Podio as well as from emails on Constant Contact. Plus, they had the information collected by RingCentral. They constantly had to import and export customer data from one app to the other.

With PieSync, we can finally manage customer data efficiently. Because it works in real time and it connects all of our apps, we know we can always count on up-to-date customer information.

Jeff says that the company is particularly benefitting from two of PieSync’s features: the possibility to share the connection with the team and Intelligent Syncing.

He explains that the success of their email marketing campaigns is because they have identified what moves each one of their customer segments. His team sends personalized emails to each category of customer from Constant Contact. Keeping these segments in sync in each app is only possible thanks to the Intelligent Syncing engine, which enables them to choose how to categorize their contacts before they are synced.

When you hit a customer's sensible buttons, their behavior is completely diferent. These become emails that they actually want to get.

Results and future plans

Since AE Home Group no longer has to spend hours importing and exporting their contacts, they are looking for even more ways to optimize their processes. They are now looking for a customer support tool with a ticketing system.

Soon they will have an awe-inspiring integrated app stack that will unify their whole company. The requirements for their future customer support tool?

It must be compatible with PieSync.

About PieSync

PieSync works in the background and syncs your contacts two-way and in real time. This means you’ll have access to the most up to date customer information, no matter where you are or who entered the data. PieSync will help you to:

  • Save time spent on data entry
  • No more import/export of your contacts
  • One database across all your cloud apps
  • Sync changes, including deletions and unsubscribes, in your favorite cloud apps and CRM
  • Keep track of your contacts, so you never lose a contact again
  • Share accurate customer information across your marketing, sales and customer service platforms.
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