Customer story

Ander Group

Florian Anderhub
Founder & CEO at Ander Group
  • Digital agency Ander Group uses HubSpot as a CRM, Mailchimp for email marketing, Nimble for contact enrichment and Google Contacts as a contact repository.
  • They use PieSync's Intelligent Syncing to sync contacts across their various databases, keeping all of their contacts in sync, up-to-date, and properly tagged and organized.

Ander Group was created in 2006 with the mission to merge strategy, design and technology to create meaningful, sustainable growth and profit for their clients.

Their current software stack consists of HubSpot as a CRM, Mailchimp for email marketing, Google Contacts and Nimble as a centralized repository of contact information. In Nimble, they store and manage more than 5.000 contacts.

This Swiss digital agency often carries out a complete digital transformation for their clients. This implies the creation of a website, content and the implementation of a CRM. As a HubSpot Partner, they provide their clients with a unique instance of this software while having PieSync working in the background for them.

How PieSync helped

Florian Anderhub, CEO and Founder of the Ander Group, explains how the process of their contact management works: “When we receive a new contact, the first software in which we add it is Nimble. In case we want to push this contact to our CRM, we add the tag «HubSpot» and use PieSync to automatically sync it”.

This workflow is enabled by PieSync's ruled-based Intelligent Syncing engine.

hubspot nimble

At the same time, Florian and his team are using PieSync to share Nimble contacts with their GSuite environment. This means that employees of the Ander Group work from the same, up-to-date database.

We needed to be able to share contacts with a GSuite Environment. The first time I saw that there was finally a way to establish communication between a contact repository and Google, I knew I was facing an amazing product.

“With PieSync and Nimble, we have an efficient sync and we can filter the tags we use. This allows us to have a very neat and organized contact list.”

Results and future plans

Nimble is currently offering the possibility to create autogenerated profiles that include social media information. Florian is considering adding this social data into their contacts.

“The leads that we have generated on HubSpot can be populated back into Nimble through PieSync. That way we would see the contact with the additional social information obtained in Nimble and get a better idea of who this person is.”

Ander Group is now implementing an inbound content strategy. The idea is to attract customers through relevant and helpful content. The goal is to grow and pull up their clients with them. The future will see them using PieSync to help them enrich their database.


About PieSync

PieSync works in the background and syncs your contacts two-way and in real time. This means you’ll have access to the most up to date customer information, no matter where you are or who entered the data. PieSync will help you to:

  • Save time spent on data entry
  • No more import/export of your contacts
  • One database across all your cloud apps
  • Sync changes, including deletions and unsubscribes, in your favorite cloud apps and CRM
  • Keep track of your contacts, so you never lose a contact again
  • Share accurate customer information across your marketing, sales and customer service platforms.
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