Customer story

CFO Consulting Partners

Scott Magill
Director at CFO Consulting Partners
  • CFO Consulting Partners needed a sync solution that would allow them to integrate without losing their categories and segments.
  • They are using PieSync to have Highrise and Outlook in sync.
  • They are searching for new ways to automatically personalize their email marketing with PieSync's integrations.

Before PieSync, syncing our data to a CRM was more of a hassle than an advantage. We needed to keep the categories we were using in Outlook. That was the basis of our internal lead tracking and no other cloud integration software was offering that possibility.

The challenge

CFO Consulting Partners (CFOCP) has 20 employees providing senior-level financial management and accounting services. Virtually all of their projects have been obtained throughout referrals.

Each consultant at CFOCP has an Outlook account with their individual contact information - some relevant to CFOCP, some not.

They developed a system in which everyone was using the same categories to organize their contacts. They classify contacts per industry, company, friend of the firm, influencer, competitor, etc. They are managing over 30 categories. In a business where trust is what closes deals, to have the right references and contacts around the client is the key.

When Scott Magill, Director at CFO, realized his firm needed a CRM, he knew he was facing a big challenge. How could they add all the contact data of each partner to a CRM like Highrise without losing their organization system from Outlook?

I was looking everywhere for a solution, there was not a single software that would allow me to sync without losing all the categories we were managing, which was something essential for us.

How PieSync helped

PieSync’s Intelligent Syncing feature introduced the possibility to set up “if-this-then-that” rules, which allows Scott to choose which tags, categories or lists to sync and how.

outlook highrise

Intelligent Syncing makes PieSync the most advanced sync engine out there.

“Each of my partners is now connected with Highrise, and there we have all the information we need to reach out to existent or potential clients. That’s the new core of our business. Thanks to PieSync’s Intelligent Syncing, we all have this information in the same place, up-to-date and any one of us can access it whenever we need it.”

CFO is also benefitting from 2-way syncing. Next to the sync between Outlook and Highrise, they now use some tags in Highrise that are being added to their Outlook categories.

This allows updates in Outlook to be synced to Highrise and from Highrise back to Outlook, even updating multiple Outlook instances with a single correction.

highrise outlook

Results and plans

Scott and his team at CFO Consulting Partners see enormous potential in working with PieSync.

Gathering the categories and tags from both Highrise and Outlook, they now have an extremely well segmented database. That’s why their next marketing project is to implement personalized email campaigns.

By creating an Intelligent Sync between Highrise and Constant Contact, they will be able to reach out to their clients with a targeted email, an initiative that promises high levels of engagement.

About PieSync

PieSync works in the background and syncs your contacts two-way and in real time. This means you’ll have access to the most up to date customer information, no matter where you are or who entered the data. PieSync will help you to:

  • Save time spent on data entry
  • No more import/export of your contacts
  • One database across all your cloud apps
  • Sync changes, including deletions and unsubscribes, in your favorite cloud apps and CRM
  • Keep track of your contacts, so you never lose a contact again
  • Share accurate customer information across your marketing, sales and customer service platforms.
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