PieSync Plants

PieSync pledges to plant one new tree for every new customer

You’re saving a Community

The Khasi are traditional forest-dependent community that rely on the Cloud Forest for shelter, firewood, medicine and food. This community is at risk due to deforestation for charcoal making, stone quarrying and grazing. The Khasi community is also being empowered through this project by initiatives to help them build a sustainable livelihood so the forest and the community can flourish together.

Photos by WeForest

You’re saving a Forest

We plant trees in the Cloud Forests of the Khasi Hills, India. This area is rich in biodiversity and home to the Khasi Community. It has also been damaged by extensive deforestation and degradation. PieSync is helping to combat this by planting a tree for every new customer.

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You’ll get an official certificate stating that you planted a tree in the Khasi Hills.

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