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Plans & Pricing

Jonas Rasschaert

Our pricing plans are based on the amount of contacts​ and features.

At the top of the page, there's an adjustable slider which correlates with the amount of contacts you wish to keep in sync.

Monthly pricing

To calculate the total contact count , we add up the unique contacts in sync PER connection. If the contact is present in two connections, we count that contact twice as these are two separate syncs we perform (we scan every 2-3 minutes) to keep that contact in sync continuously between the two particular apps in each connection.

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The difference amongst the plans are defined by the features they carry.

The Starter Plan

  1. Entitled to use two rules per connection.
  2. Custom mappings are not included.

The Pro Plan

  1. Unlimited Rules 
  2. Custom Mappings including Custom Fields
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Contact & Connection Limits: If you exceed the contact limits, we will send you a few warnings prior to upgrading the account to the needed plan accordingly. Your charge will be the pro-rated amount between your current plan and the upgraded plan. 

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Feature Limits: You can always play around with Pro features such as custom mappings and unlimited rules in your configuration as a Starter subscriber. If you want to move forward and save and resume your sync including these, you'll need to upgrade first (pop-up)Your charge will be the pro-rated amount between your current plan and the upgraded plan.

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During (or after) your trial period, you can upgrade to a paid account on the Billing page. We recommend the right subscription based on your trial usage. All our plans are based on contact count and connection count limits. Only in the Pro plan you can use advanced sync features.

You can share any subscription with your team

If you're still on a legacy plan and have further questions, please contact us at support@piesync.com