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Using PieSync in team, means you can share your subscription.

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Looking to share a connection? Visit our help article: Can I share a connection?

Sharing Your Subscription in a Team

Contacts are counted by the number of times they are synced across your connected apps. You can invite an unlimited amount of team members and each team member can set up an unlimited amount of connections. The Admin cannot see or configure any of the team members connections. You can only see the number of connections setup per team member in the team tab.

More information about the total contact count can be found here.


A company is subscribed to the Pro plan, including 10.000 contacts. They could opt to invite 10 members with each 1000 contacts or invite 4 members with each 2500 contacts. The possibilities are limitless.  

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If you exceed the contact limits, we will send you a few warnings prior to upgrading the account to the needed plan accordingly. Your charge will be the pro-rated amount between your current plan and the upgraded plan. More info can be found here.

How to Invite Team Members

Just go to the Team section in PieSync and select 'Invite Members To Sign Up'.

Next Steps for the Team Invitee 

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Make sure your invitee did not sign up for a PieSync trial or paid account in the past. If you're having trouble, just give us a shout via support@piesync.com, we can add existing accounts to a team for you or delete accounts for you, so they can be invited. 

The Admin Role

  • The Admin cannot see or configure any of the team members connections. Each team member has individual login details.
  • The Admin can invite and suspend team members, sharing subscription limits.
  • The Admin has a billing page only and therefore controls the subscription.
  • The Admin can see the number of connections setup per team member in the team tab to keep track. 
  • The Admin can make another team member Admin.
  • The Admin cannot demote another Admin. We can, however, do this for you if you can motivate why. Just give us a shout via support@piesync.com or the live chat.
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As a team member, you don't have a Billing Tab in your Account, only the Admin (the user who invited you) does. 

How can you make someone else an Admin?

You can easily make someone else an admin by going to your Team Page and select 'Promote' on the user you wish to make an Admin.

Inviting a team member versus setting up multiple connections on one account.

Invite a team member

The team member feature is meant for users who have multiple team members that want to set up individual syncs without having to go through the syncs of others.

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Example: It can enable the accountants to connect their invoicing app to the main CRM without bothering the sales people, and in turn lets the individual sales people follow up on their leads by connecting their individual phones (via Google Contacts or iCloud) without running the risk of affecting the setup of the accountants.

Team accounts are isolated and can't be seen/accessed by others.

Set up all the connections in your own admin account.

This option is preferred when one administrator sets up and controls all the connections.

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Example: A manager that needs to set up multiple connections for his individual sales peoples, handling different sales funnels. The manager assures the prospects flow to the correct team member for follow up.

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