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What happens when I breach the contact limit?

Mary Barba

Your contact count keeps on growing and suddenly you exceed your subscription limit. Great, that means business is going well!

Below you'll find all the relevant information you need if such a situation occurs.

Pricing Tiers

PieSync works with pricing tiers. Every pricing tier is linked to a maximum amount of contacts you can sync. You can find the pricing tiers over here.

Monthly pricing

If you breach the contact limit of your plan, you will automatically get an email that will inform you about this and automatically move up one pricing tier.

You will then have 5 days time to review your account. When everything is fine, you don't need to do anything.

Example: You subscribed to the monthly Pro Plan and can sync up to 2,500 contacts for $59/mo. If you breach the contact limit of 2,500 then you will automatically move up one tier that allows you to sync up to 5,000 contacts for $79/mo.

Decreasing the contact count

If you don't want to get upgraded or just want to decrease the contact count then you can do that in the following ways:

  • Remove a connection (this will reset your contact count)
  • Apply additional rules and/or filters to narrow down the sync for the specific connection
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Pausing a connection won't decrease the contact count.

How the billing works when you get upgraded

If you move up one or more tiers then the increased pricing will go into effect 5 days after the automated email. You'll be charged the surplus of the current month. The next month, you'll be charged according to the monthly pricing of your new pricing tier.

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Keep in mind, the leftover time on your current plan is always pro rated towards the new one

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