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GETTING STARTED GUIDE: How to set up a new connection?

123FormBuilder helps you to create Online Forms with a simple Drag-and-Drop tool. Build complex workflows, Sell Online, conduct Surveys, and more. No Coding.

Supported 123FormBuilder Integrations

Authorizing 123FormBuilder

To authorise, we need your username and password.

Screen Shot 2020-09-29 at 09.40.57

Your form requires at least one field of the type 'Email'.

Proceed by choosing the form you want to keep in sync.

Screen Shot 2020-09-29 at 09.43.30

For each form you want to keep in sync, a new connection is required. In order to do so, click "add a new account" instead of choosing an existing account.

Screen Shot 2020-09-29 at 09 59 36

When setting up a connection with Eventbrite, the direction of the sync is set to one way. Therefore, we only have IF conditions.

Screen Shot 2020-09-29 at 09 47 55

[IF] Supported Conditions/Filters

  • Already existing in the app you sync with

Screen Shot 2020-09-29 at 09 49 38

Default Field Mapping

Depending on the other app you're syncing with, you'll see a number of standard 123FormBuilder fields being mapped by default. For instance, in a connection with Google Contacts, the default field mapping looks like this:

Screen Shot 2020-09-29 at 09.51.39

Customizable Field Mapping

You can custom map your 123FormBuilder Custom Fields and any additional standard fields that aren't included in the default mapping yet. Bear in mind a mapping between two fields can only exist if the types of fields are compatible, and the particular compatibility will determine the direction of the mapping as well. More information on Customizable Field Mapping here.

Screen Shot 2020-09-29 at 09.52.44

Combined Shape

Thanks to the feedback we have already received, we created a list of popular apps that we’re going to work on very soon. By  voting them up in our pipeline, YOU decide which connectors we’ll release first. If you don’t see your app on the list, you can always submit an app request on our Supported Apps Page as shown below. Don't forget to read our blog for the latest in productivity, apps, and technology!

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