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Authenticating Airtable

Frans Leys

PieSync requires your table in Airtable to be structured in a certain way to maintain stable syncing.

  • an email field in email format
  • a field to capture last modified time

You'll need to point to these two fields during the setup & authentication phase of your Airtable sync.

Email field

Your table needs to have an email field. PieSync will typically sync to what is called a contact in your other app, and it relies on the email to initially match pre-existing contacts.

Make sure this is an actual email field - it cannot be a text field that happens to contains emails.

email airtable

Last modified timestamp

To enable syncing, your table needs to have a last modified timestamp field. PieSync relies on this information to maintain the sync - it's absolutely crucial this field remains an integral part of your table.

Keep the default settings which are that the field updates with all editable fields and that it has a time component.

It's recommended to give this a recognizable name, and to hide it.

last modified timestamp

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