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Exceeding Storage Quota in Google Contacts

Jonas Rasschaert

The PieSync Health dashboard shows the following error:

Screen Shot 2020-04-28 at 10.55.29

Combined Shape

Piesync is not able to add contacts to Google Contacts because you exceeded this threshold.

Google storage limits and how to solve

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This dedicated article provides more info on storage limits and how you can clean them.

When using the Gsuite Directory, you have the following limits to store contacts:

  • Maximum number of external contacts (= without a G suite domain): 50.000
  • Total storage space: 20 MB
  • Maximum size per contact: 2 KB

However, usually your contacts only take very little storage. It's shared across multiple Google entities. If you have a limited amount of contacts, the root cause of your storage problem is most likely located somewhere else.