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GETTING STARTED GUIDE: How to set up a new connection?

ALL FEATURES EXPLAINED: All our features/functionality explained in detail - no app-specifics.

iContact is email marketing app, that allows you to create, send, segment and track emails. iContact makes it easy for SMEs to choose from their collection of results-orientated features to suit any budget.

Supported iContact Integrations

Step 1: Choose your apps

In setting up a sync connection, you first choose the apps that contain the contacts data you need synced. We have provided a handy search bar to quickly get to the apps you're looking for. After you select the first app, you immediately proceed to select the second app. We will connect to these apps in a second step.

Step 2: Authorize your apps

In order to use PieSync, you need to have registered accounts with the apps you selected. At this point, you'll need to connect PieSync to these apps so we can fetch the contacts data configuration. You do this for both apps. Below you can find the authorization process for iContact, the instructions for the other app will appear on screen, or consult them separately on this page.

Authorizing iContact

  1. To be able to connect to your iContact account, we need you to grant PieSync access to your data. In order to do this, you will have to go to this link and click 'Enable' next to the PieSync integration. There you will find your username and API password, which you need to fill out in the fields shown below

iContact Auth Pop-up

  1. Choose the iContact account you want to sync with.

  1. If you logged in using an agency account, choose the iContact Client Folder you want to sync with. Not an agency? Just click next.

If you have previously set up a connection with any of these apps, you do not need to go through these steps again, unless you need a different iContact account or folder.

Combined Shape

For iContact PRO clients, you will need to migrate to the new iContact PRO platform before activating your PieSync integration. For more info, please contact your Strategic Advisor or iContact Support.

Step 3: Choose your contact type

Choose whether you want to sync Contacts or Leads. The availability to sync Leads depends on whether your app supports multiple contact entities (e.g. Salesforce, Copper, ZohoCRM,..).

If you want to sync multiple contact types, you can do this by setting up another connection with the same applications.

Step 4: Configure your sync

Once you authorized  2 apps, you tell PieSync how we should keep your contacts data in sync. By default, PieSync proposes a two-way sync with a drop-down to allow for one-way syncs (do I need one-way or two-way?).

A two-way sync starts off with 2 rules. Each rule fulfills the conditions of each side of the sync. PieSync looks at all the data stored on each side, so you can define exactly what data needs to move from one side to the other.

Syncing back the contact status or list membership status

You have the ability to sync back the contact status into your CRM. An easy way to do this would by setting up a direct mapping from the Contact status field into a custom text field over in your other app. Here, the field on the right is a custom text field which will populate with a simple text label "Normal, Bounced, DNC, Pending, Invitable".

There are CRM's that can take in that piece of text that in turn trigger workflows if this is what you need to happen. However, you can also have PieSync directly change certain attributes based on what is happening inside of iContact. This would require setting up specific filters or actions from the PieSync Rules like so:

Combined Shape

For this particular case, we update an Accepts Mailing field in Salesforce but it's up to you to decide what should happen in your CRM. Syncing to Salesforce? We have compiled some typical setups.

Starting your sync

Make sure no other integrations are running next to PieSync for the accounts you have connected in PieSync. Other integrations will have access to your data and have the ability to manipulate as well. For this reason, we kindly ask you to use PieSync and nothing else to keep your data in sync. Other integrations running in parallel with PieSync are a no-go!

In case you have a lot of contacts in your applications, the initial sync will take some time, even if you configured PieSync only to sync a subset of your contacts. During the initial scan, we need to process all of your contacts (also the contacts outside the chosen subset) to avoid duplicates during the sync. After the initial sync, it should never take much longer than five minutes for updates to show.

Step 5: Monitor your connection in the Dashboard

Once the connection is running, the activity monitor will be your real-time view into PieSync's operations. It provides insight into: 

  • new contacts being created from your first app to your second app that didn't exist yet
  • new contacts being created from your second app to your first app that didn't exist yet (if you did a 2-way sync)
  • updates made to contacts that had been synced & matched up before: the update is now also synced up
  • whether your synchronization is active or not - you can pause the connection should you so wish
Combined Shape

Thanks to the feedback we have already received, we created a list of popular apps that we’re going to work on very soon. By  voting them up in our pipeline, YOU decide which connectors we’ll release first. If you don’t see your app on the list or need any further help, drop us a line - support@piesync.com.  Don't forget to read our blog for the latest in productivity, apps, and technology!

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