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Kustomer - Authenticate when you only have Google SSO enabled

Wout De Geyter

Some Kustomer accounts only allow their users to log in by using their Google account. This is a good security practice, but unfortunately this causes issues when trying to create an access token for the Kustomer API as that can only be done using the Kustomer username and password...

In order to work around this limitation, an admin user would need to do the following:

  1. Enable the Kustomer login method again in your settings (this would need to be done by a user having admin permissions)

  1. Log out of your Kustomer account
  2. Request a new password on the Kustomer login screen

  3. When the new password is set, authenticate your Kustomer account on app.piesync.com.

  4. Once you're authenticated, disable the Kustomer authentication again in your Kustomer settings (so to go back to the original state).