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NetSuite Authorization

Wout De Geyter

Authorizing NetSuite

Generating a token for your Netsuite account is not an easy task, especially if PieSync is the first token-based integration you've set up.

Below you can find a detailed overview on what needs to be done to

Note that you can authorize both production and sandbox environments in PieSync.

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In any case, the most important thing to know is that you need a user with an administrator role to take most of the below steps (as access to the 'Setup' is needed).

  1. Go to Setup > Company > Enable Features and make sure the following features are enabled:
  • SuiteCloud > SOAP WEB SERVICES
  • SuiteCloud > REST WEB SERVICES
  1. Install our bundle package. This package contains the Integration (Application), a User Role and some NetSuite Scripts that we'll use to make your integration run smoothly. You can install it by going to Customization > SuiteBundler > Search & Install Bundles. Search for "Hubspot Sync Bundle" and click on Install.

  2. Assign the HubSpot Sync Role to the NetSuite user that requires the integration.
    This can be done by going to Lists > Employees > Employees > Search. Once you've located the user of your choice, you can Edit that one and then add the new role called "HubSpot Sync Role" under Access > Roles. Be sure to click on Save. netsuite_add_role_to_user

  3. Obtain your NetSuite Account ID. You can find this by going to Setup > Integration > SOAP Web Services Preferences. This information is to be populated in the PieSync auth popup.

  4. Create an Access Token ID and Access Token Secret. In order to do this, go to Setup > Users/Roles > Access Tokens > New. Here you'll be able to select the applicable Application ("HubSpot Sync"), User and Role (HubSpot Sync Role) and click Save.

Then you'll receive the (Access) Token ID and (Access) Token Secret. This information is to be populated in the PieSync auth popup.

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The Token ID and Secret are only displayed once, so be sure to copy them locally!