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Can I share a connection?

Mary Barba

By default, it's not possible for an admin or regular user to share a connection with another team member. However, if you really want to share connections in between team members, we can arrange that for you.

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Please note that only admins can request this.

How to Share Connections

In short, to make this happen, we merge one or more users' accounts into another by adding them as identities on one account.

This allows all users who are added as identities on that one account to:

  • See, edit, create, and delete the same connections and
  • Access and manage the billing page.

How to Merge Accounts & Add Identities

If you ask us to give you and one or more users the same access to the same account, here's what will happen.

Let's take, for example, Debbie, the administrator, and Frank, a member on Debbie's team.

Debbie has two connections, and Frank has one. Debbie wants Frank to see and edit her connections.

  1. We'll add Frank as an additional identity on Debbie's account, thereby merging Frank's account into Debbie's.
  2. This will, in essence, delete Frank's account.
  3. All connections Frank had will be added to Debbie's account. In this case, that is one connection.
  4. Frank will now be able to use the login credentials he previously used to log in to his old account to now log in to Debbie's account.

Important Note: If Frank wants to ensure that his one connection isn't deleted when he's merged into Debbie's account, Debbie will need to manually set up that connection in her account first before we complete this action on their behalves. Otherwise, it will get deleted in the merge.

If you would like to do this for one or more of your team members, please send us an email at support@piesync.com.

If you'd like to simply add team members and not access one anothers' accounts, please read about our Teams feature.

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