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Data sync by HubSpot is replacing PieSync

Frans Leys

PieSync’s two-way sync technology will live on as a part of the newly announced Operations Hub as a feature called data sync.

As such, we will be discontinuing PieSync at the end of 2021.

PieSync will be available throughout 2021 for our existing customers. However, effective immediately, we will no longer allow new customers to sign up for PieSync.

introducing data sync

That doesn’t mean it ends here. You can continue syncing your apps through Operations Hub. Depending on how you use PieSync today, you can set up your current sync inside HubSpot, or wait until we add more applications and features.

Can I still buy PieSync?

No. We are no longer accepting new customers on the PieSync platform which we will shut down on December 31st 2021.

I’m a PieSync customer - how does this impact me?

PieSync remains available throughout 2021 for existing customers and your syncs will keep on running. We will shut down the PieSync platform - and your syncs - on December 31st, 2021. After that, any data that PieSync has ever kept in sync will simply remain in your apps, but we will stop syncing it.

PieSync’s world class two-way sync technology will live on, though.

We are sunsetting PieSync and replacing it with Data Sync, a feature of the newly launched Operations Hub by HubSpot.

If you are already using HubSpot, moving from PieSync to Data Sync means you no longer need a separate platform to handle your syncs. It also means no longer having to pay for PieSync.

Should I migrate to Operations Hub today?

There’s no rush. It is up to you as the customer when you'd like to migrate.

Over the next months we’ll roll out more apps and more objects - and we will only develop integrations for Operations Hub, not PieSync.

If you’re interested in trying out Operations Hub, please take a moment to see if the apps you want to sync are supported by going to the data sync collection in the HubSpot App Marketplace.

In either case, PieSync standalone remains available throughout 2021 for existing PieSync customers.

I’m not a HubSpot customer - can I still use Data Sync?

We’ve essentially rebuilt PieSync from the ground up inside of HubSpot’s platform. This means that unlike PieSync, all syncs are set up between HubSpot and another app. For example, if you had a single PieSync connection running between CRM X with Invoice App Y, we’ll now need you to set up 2 connections instead:

  • CRM X with HubSpot
  • Invoice App Y with HubSpot

With these two syncs running in tandem, you’re essentially running a sync between all of your apps.

In order to continue syncing after 31st December 2021, you will need to sign up for a HubSpot account and get Operations Hub free, starter or above.

Can I directly sync two non HubSpot apps with one another?

No, all syncs are set up between HubSpot and another app. In the foreseeable future, we don’t plan on making it possible to directly sync non-HubSpot apps with one another.

We understand that this takes away flexibility in how you can structure your syncs, and it probably won’t be the ideal solution for everyone.

However, we feel that data syncing on top of the HubSpot CRM ultimately gives you more control over your data in the long run. In addition to Data Sync (Operations Hub Free and Starter), Operations Hub will also include advanced automation features at the Professional level.

In fact, we believe this allows HubSpot CRM to become the source of truth inside your software stack. Finally, there is one single system to foundationally carry the data that flows through your syncs.

Which apps are available in Data Sync?

We are migrating the connectors that were once built for PieSync into HubSpot. To see if the apps you want to sync are supported by Operations Hub, take a look at the data sync collection in the HubSpot App Marketplace. We’ll be releasing more apps in the upcoming months.

PieSync standalone remains functional throughout the end of the year for existing PieSync customers.

What if my PieSync app is not yet available?

No better place to raise this than the HubSpot Ideas forum.

Always search for the app first. Chances are someone else already requested it in which case it’s worth jumping on the existing discussion.

You'll find PieSync connectors prepopulated in the PieSync Category and we're looking for your input which ones we should tackle first - if you're keen to get these connectors out on Operations Hub faster.

(PieSync remains available throughout 2021)

Can I use PieSync and Data Sync at the same time?

Without actually starting a sync, you can see what the set up looks like in Operations Hub, as well as how field mapping would work. As long as you don’t have a sync running in both HubSpot and PieSync at the same time, you’re fine.

When you’re ready to try out syncing in HubSpot, you should pause or turn off your PieSync syncs.

Can you migrate whatever I have in PieSync into HubSpot?

Unfortunately, we can’t. We’ll need you to set up your syncs again inside of HubSpot.

The Data Sync feature we’ve released in HubSpot is built on the exact same sync engine as PieSync. However, the way in which you’ll configure your sync is different, making it tough for us to migrate your syncs without your explicit review.

We know you like to be in control of how your data behaves, which is why we prefer to let you decide on how to set up Data Sync as a replacement to PieSync.

What is the price of Data Sync?

  • A simple Data Sync is completely free because we’re including it as part of HubSpot’s free tools. If you have a PieSync’s Starter subscription, this probably means you have a relatively simple sync. You can find out what PieSync subscription you have here. You only need default field mappings, and you don’t need anything customized to the sync.

  • A customized Data Sync is $50 usd/month. If you have a PieSync Pro subscription, this means you have custom field mappings, or use a lot of rules to really finetune your sync. This requires at least a subscription to Operations Hub Starter which unlocks the ability to set up custom field mappings. If you are a CRM suite customer, Operations Hub Starter is included in your subscription.

In both cases, you won’t be charged by the number of contacts you keep in sync. Unlike PieSync, Operations Hub Free and Starter does not charge per sync or per contact synced. As of today, Operations Hub is a flat fee pricing structure with no variable axis.

What happens to my current PieSync subscription when I switch over to Data Sync?

If you no longer need to sync your apps through PieSync, you can cancel your PieSync subscription at any time. If you don't remember your email you signed up with, or don't have access to it, email cancel@piesync.com and we'll take care of it.

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