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What are the different sync states on the Health Dashboard?

Mary Barba

Big Blue Box Health Dashboard States In the big blue box on your Health Dashboard, PieSync gives you a play-by-play of exactly what our sync engine is doing at each moment on your behalf.

So, let's break down what each of these "sync states" means so that you can easily understand them.

A) Sync states that show the connection is able to sync.

1. "Scanning (App Name)"

Scanning (App Name) Health Dashboard Sync States This message will almost always appear right after the connection has been configured, reconfigured, or resumed after being paused.

What this sync state means is that PieSync is scanning the contacts in both apps. It, then, lists which records should and should not be kept in sync.

It does this so that it can then sync all of the data in bulk according to your Connection Rules, Connection Settings, and Field Mappings.

Note that the more records you have, the longer this will take.

2. "Syncing (App Name)"

Syncing (App Name) Health Dashboard Sync States The sync state that comes right after "Scanning (App Name)" is "Syncing (App Name)."

This means PieSync is updating all of the records it scanned in accordance with your Connection Rules, Connection Settings, and Field Mappings.

The speed with which PieSync syncs all of this information comes down to:

  1. If PieSync is running an initial sync or an incremental sync (More information on that below),
  2. How many contacts need to be updated and kept in sync, and
  3. The speed of your apps.

For instance, depending on which apps you’ve connected, syncing 500 contacts for the first time can sometimes be done in under 3 minutes, but, with other apps, can take up to 30 minutes.

Combined Shape

To understand the difference between an initial sync and incremental sync, as well as how long it takes to sync all of your records, please read our article, "How much time does it take to sync?"

3. "Active and listening for changes"

Active and listening for changes Health Dashboard Sync States Once everything has synced, the next state will be "Active and listening for changes." This is the most common sync state you will see on the Health Dashboard.

This means two things--one, that all of the contacts are up to date, and two, PieSync is actively monitoring your two apps for updates, changes, or new contact creations every five minutes.

Sometimes, PieSync can detect deletions, as well as creations. However, this is only possible between certains apps in certain connections. To learn how and when this is possible, read our article on syncing deletions.

4. "Sync paused"

Sync paused Health Dashboard Sync States This shows that you have paused your sync from running. To resume the sync, click "Resume sync."

B) The sync state that shows the connection is temporarily unable to sync.

There is one sync state that I haven’t mentioned yet, because it isn't your typical sync state.

1. "Sync is locked..."

Sync is locked Health Dashboard Sync States "Sync is locked" doesn’t mean there's an issue, per se, but what this does mean is that PieSync is temporarily unable to sync your two apps.

A) Syncing the Same Apps and Accounts

One reason a connection locks is that another connection is currently syncing to the same account of one of the two apps in your connection.

PieSync will lock a connection because it doesn't want to cause any conflicts by syncing data to the same apps at the same exact time. Instead, it will wait for the other connection to finish syncing. Then, it will start yours.

There's nothing that can be done about this except to wait for the other connection to finish syncing.

B) Hitting a Rate Limit

Another possibility for the "locked" sync state might be that we hit a rate limit. What that means is that the connection has been put on hold by one of the apps themselves.

An app can limit PieSync if it feels we are sending too much traffic towards it. Different apps have different rate limits that can sometimes be caused by the plan limits a user has for using that app.

In that case, there will be a temporary cooldown period during which PieSync can’t do anything. Similarly to the point above, there is nothing you can do about it except to wait until this period has passed. Then, PieSync will pick up right where it left off.

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