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How are contacts matched between two apps?

Jonas Rasschaert
  1. To establish a sync, we match your contacts based on the email address between the two apps you have connected. The sync or 'binding' we establish between your two apps during the initial sync, will stay in place once the sync is active, regardless of the changes you make to the contact after, even if you make changes to that same email address. If you delete the email address in app A, we will no longer sync changes to the same contact in app B.
  2. What to do when you have (a lot of) contacts without an email address? Check out HERE how to best move forward, in particular regarding the Avoid Duplicates Option. Uncertain? Don't hesitate to reach out via support@piesync.com
  3. In the Default Field Mapping  you can see how fields are mapped in case you have multiple values for one contact.