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How much time does it take to sync?

Jan Bogaert

You've just pressed the 'Start Syncing Now' button, but at first glance it appears that nothing is happening? Or did you just add or update a contact, but the changes haven't yet been synced to the other app?

If you've just activated PieSync or if you updated your configuration and you see the icon load with the text Scanning your data - this might take some time... then this means that PieSync is scanning all your contacts in both applications - even if you only choose to sync a subset. This initial scan is necessary to avoid duplicates. After this scan, the synchronization will start! 

Here you can read more about the different dashboard states.

The larger your database, the longer the initial sync might take.

Once the initial sync is done and the connection is active, PieSync will scan your databases every 4-5 minutes for updates and creations. This might be delayed if you have multiple connections set-up. To avoid conflicts, PieSync only activates one sync at a time so it might be waiting for the other to finish first. 

Combined Shape

If any of these phases take longer than 3 hours be sure to contact PieSync Support!