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How much time does it take to sync?

Mary Barba

If you've just activated PieSync or updated your configuration and see the icon load with text that says PieSync is scanning through your apps, telling you to "Grab a coffee while you wait," then this means that PieSync is scanning every single one of your contacts in both applications. This is true even if you're just syncing a subset.

After this scan, the synchronization will start.

1 Sync Type Initial Sync Grab a coffee while you wait

Here, you can read more about the different Health Dashboard states.

What types of syncs does PieSync run?

There are two types of syncs that PieSync runs--initial syncs and continuous syncs.

Initial Syncs

An initial sync is the state of a connection when:

  • It has been activated for the very first time or
  • There's been a reconfiguration and you click "Save and Resume Syncing" at the bottom of your configuration page.

During an initial sync, PieSync runs through all of the contacts in both apps. This takes longer to do than a continuous sync, which we speak to further below. For every single contact record in an initial sync, PieSync runs the "operation" you have in place.

Running the "operation" means that PieSync compares each contact against the combination of all of your Connection Rules, Connection Settings, and Field Mappings to see which ones meet the criteria in your configuration.

The larger your database, the longer the initial sync might take.

Continuous Syncs

Once the initial sync is done and the connection is active, PieSync will scan your databases every five minutes for updates and creations, thereby running an continuous sync.

An continuous sync is the state of a connection when it's:

  • Active and
  • Only syncing new updates and creations.

This means that PieSync only runs your operation for each update to a contact, not all contacts all over again. If a contact has been kept in sync and has never been updated since then, this means PieSync only ran the operation on your contact the first time PieSync processed it.

PieSync nevers runs your operation more than once for each update on a contact because if it did, PieSync would create a sync loop. This means that PieSync would never stop syncing your contacts and the number of API calls it would make would skyrocket into infinity.

Because the load is much lighter, continuous syncs happen much faster than initial syncs.

This might be delayed if you have multiple connections set-up with the same account from the same app. To avoid conflicts, PieSync only activates one sync at a time so it might be waiting for the other syncs to finish running first.

Combined Shape

If either of these sync-types takes longer than three hours, be sure to contact PieSync Support at support@piesync.com!