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How the syncing of the contact 'Name' field works

Dani Hickman

Syncing the ‘name' field via default mappings can look very different depending on how you set up your sync.

Often ‘name’ will be synced with ‘last name’ and ‘first name’. You may think this means that the full name will be synced to both the last name and first name field but that is actually not the case.

PieSync will automatically combine the field mapping ‘name’ into the first and last name and send that to the other integration and vice versa.

As seen below when syncing Pipedrive and HubSpot PieSync will automatically parse the Pipedrive ‘name’ into a ‘first name’ and ‘last name’ and send that to HubSpot and vice versa. For example if you have the name ‘Bill Jones’ in Pipedrive, PieSync will sync 'Bill' to HubSpot's 'first name' field and 'Jones' to HubSpot's 'last name' field.

The name field in the default mappings