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How will PieSync match my data between two apps?

Tycho Holmens

How are Contacts matched?

  1. To establish a sync, we match your contacts based on the email address between the two apps you have connected. The sync or 'binding' we establish between your two apps during the initial sync, will stay in place once the sync is active, regardless of the changes you make to the contact after, even if you make changes to that same email address. If you delete the email address in app A, we will no longer sync changes to the same contact in app B.
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When PieSync syncs a contact towards the other side, two actions can take place. The contact will be newly created (because the email address doesn't exist yet) or the contact will be matched to an already existing record (bases on the existing email address).

  1. What to do when you have (a lot of) contacts without an email address? Check out HERE how to best move forward, in particular regarding the Avoid Duplicates Option. Uncertain? Don't hesitate to reach out via support@piesync.com

  2. In the Default Field Mapping  you can see how fields are mapped in case you have multiple values for one contact. 

How are Companies matched?

Our Company sync will match your records based on one of the following properties, without precedence:

  • Email address
  • Company Name
  • Company Domain → only for a limited amount of apps **

For most apps, we'll just match companies on either the email address or company name. In that case, you'll see the message shown below in your connection settings:

Screen Shot 2020-06-25 at 15.28.15

This implies the importance of a preliminary check to make sure your company records contain the correct names.

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If the company name states "PieSync" in app A and "PieSync Inc" in app B and there is no matching email address on both sides, this will result in a duplicate record as they will be considered as different companies.

** As stated before, there's a specific set of applications for which we also match on the Company Domain, besides the email address and company name. Namely the following:

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For HubSpot, Insightly, Nimble, Outreach, Copper, Salesloft, Vtiger and Zendesk, we can allow matching on the company domain as well. For these apps, records will be matched based on Company name or the email address or Company domain, without precedence. If one of these items is the same, we’ll match the companies. Note that we can also match two companies called “PieSync” even if their domains are different.

For these applications, the setting in your connection will look as follows:

Screenshot 2020-06-25 at 14 57 05

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