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Syncing company related information on the contact level.

Jonas Rasschaert

What exactly does this mean?

PieSync is able to expose Company related fields when syncing Contacts. Let's have a look at the example below:

  • The orange section shows the Contact record, together with its Contact fields.
  • The green section shows the Company record, together with its Company fields.
  • The blue arrow reflects to the Company fields available on the contact record (= exposing Company related information).

How can we distinguish between Contact and Company fields?

Company fields will always have a [Company] prefix.

Combined Shape

Company fields can be used in both the PieSync rules and custom mappings.


Combined Shape

Syncing company related fields is limited to a one-way direction.

  1. The one-way nature of these fields means that you are able to filter based on [Company] fields but can't update them via the actions.

  1. Echoing this behaviour to the custom mappings section, will result in an arrow pointing in one direction.

Possible use cases

  1. Syncing contacts based on the Number Of Employees towards MailChimp in order to create a specific segmentation allows you to create specific marketing targets.

  1. Similar as above, Syncing contacts based on the Annual Revenue towards ActiveCampaign in order to create specific segmentation.


This feature has been released for the following apps:

We will gradually add other applications to this list.

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