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Troubleshooting - My contacts are not syncing

Jonas Rasschaert

Why are my contacts not syncing? Why is my sync not working? Why am I seeing duplicates?

These are questions you might have if you see anything unusual happen with your contacts or sync(s) and you're wondering 'why?' Our troubleshooting tips below can provide an answer to questions about commonly encountered events and might help you fix them. 

If troubleshooting does not clarify your experience, we require temporary access to your app-data to investigate why your contacts are not syncing. Email support@piesync.com & provide the email address of one or two contacts that aren't syncing correctly.

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We're working hard on the PieSync Health Dashboard, this is on our 2019 roadmap and will make the below-described troubleshooting more transparent.

1. Do your contacts have an email address? Is Avoid Duplicates enabled? 

The algorithm of PieSync is based on the allocation of an existing email address. Contacts will only be synced if an email address is included.  With some applications this setting is mandatory, with others you're able to determine yourself. When mandatory, you can always contact us, we just want to make sure you are aware of possible implications before doing so. 

Screen Shot 2020-10-07 at 3.45.27 PM

Screen Shot 2020-10-07 at 3.44.32 PM

2. Are your contacts part of the rules (IF/THEN) you have configured?

Through PieSync you can and you should tweak the sync so that not only contacts get synced, but you also respect the segmentation, tags, groups, categories, custom attributes, subscription status, ... of the apps that the contacts live in. In a PieSync rule, you can choose to add a filter, and add actions to syncs. 

It’s crucial to know the distinction between adding additional filters (IF) within a rule (AND) or creating a completely new rule per filter (IF).

For each filter you add within a rule, you establish an extra requirement. A contact will only be synced when it fulfills ALL of the requirements. In the example below, a contact needs to have the birthday equal 10/20/2020 and is not starred and company equals PieSync in order for it to be synced.

Screen Shot 2020-10-07 at 3.49.31 PM

Creating separate rules for each filter allows you to sync contacts that are in ANY of the filters (IF) you choose rather than having to be present in ALL before it will sync. 

Annotation on 2020-10-07 at 15-57-29

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Disclaimer: This is a fabricated example, solely used for educational purposes.

3. Does PieSync still have access to your app-accounts? (Access Revoked/Authentication Failed)?

Due to long inactivity, changes in your login details or changes in the API restrictions, it might happen that PieSync loses access to your applications. 

Rauthenticate your account via the red banner, visible on your configuration page. 

  1. Log in on the PieSync platform
  2. Click the "connections" tab and access your connection
  3. Click the configuration button at the top right of the page.

More information about (re-)authorisation can be found here.

4. Do your contacts meet the app-requirements?

Whether or not a contact is being kept in sync between two applications can also be dependent on the requirements of the applications itself. 

The example below shows a contact in Capsule CRM which can only be created after providing a first or last name. Therefore, a contact will not be synced if this requirement is not met. Another example, for instance: a contact in HubSpot be created with only an email address. In a connection with Capsule, this contact will not be synced to Capsule until the first or last name is added there first. 

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Some applications have strict requirements such as e.g EZ texting, Drip,…

5. Am I trying to sync CONTACT/LEADS information?

We only sync contact & leads information. 

Depending on the apps you have connected, you might be looking for data that you believe to be part of the contacts in that app. However, it might actually be part of a different entity we don't sync (just) yet. In the example below, we only sync People & Leads.

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More in-depth info about syncing Leads can be found here.

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More in-depth info about our Company to Company sync can be found here.

6. Is there a third party or native integration in parallel with PieSync active?

Before activating PieSync, you want to make sure there is no other native or third-party integration running in parallel. Some applications come with their own integrations. Other/parallel integration(s) will also have access to your data and the ability to manipulate which could cause large numbers of duplicates & loops. That's why we ask you to use PieSync and nothing else to keep your data in sync between two apps. 

A native integration differs tremendously from PieSync. More info can be found here.

7. Did you make an adjustment to a field that is mapped?

It's important to check the default field mappings between a connection. If you update a contact field in application A and you notice it's not syncing to application B, this field might not be part of the default mappings. In some cases, this can be solved by adding a custom field mapping.

8. Case sensitivity

The screenshot below shows an example of a rule to create segmentation based on the Company Name. 

The value of these fields are case sensitive. This means that contacts with the allocated "piesync" name in QuickBooks will NOT sync. 

Make sure the distinction between upper-and-lower cases is correct!

9. Are you experiencing Duplicates? This might be why.

10. Still experiencing issues? 

If the aforementioned topics are not helping, it's always possible to reach out to us. 

For us to investigate this issue further, we would require temporary access to your app data. If this is ok for you, would you mind providing us with the ID (Copy URL when opening the contact) or email address of a contact that is not syncing? Please send us an email via support@piesync.com.

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