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What happens when you Pause, Save or Resume a connection?

Mary Barba
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In the Activity Feed of your connection you can check the status. A connection is syncing when the status indicates 'Synchronization is active'.
You can 'Pause' a connection in the upper right corner.

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When you have paused a connection, the status will indicate 'Synchronization has been paused. Resume it!'
You can 'Resume' a connection in the upper right corner.

If a connection is paused, there will be no syncing activity, meaning that new contacts or contact updates won't be synced. However the number of contacts that were in sync before you paused the connection will still be part of your contact total. To decrease your contact total, you can
apply filters to narrow down the sync and select 'resume' again OR you can delete the connection.

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If you make changes to the setup of your connection then these will only be applied once you select 'Save and resume syncing'.

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If you have paused your connection and made some updates that you want to save, do know that once you select 'Save and Resume syncing', your connection will also start syncing again.