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What is a connection?

Jonas Rasschaert

A connection is any pair of apps you link up to sync contact data. A connection may sync contacts 2-way or 1-way.

Some important side notes:

  • As you need to allow PieSync to sync across your contact data, i.e. by authorizing it to log into your app's account, you'll need to set up a 2nd connection if you'd like to sync contact data stored within a different account, even if it's the same app.
    A simple example are 4 employees (say John, Linda, Patricia and Robert) with the same company, each managing their own Google Contacts list (from the company G Suite/Gmail), and syncing their respective contacts with the company CRM, e.g. Salesforce.  This scenario would require 4 connections, even though they involve only 2 apps:

    1. John's Google Contacts ↔ Salesforce CRM
    2. Linda's Google Contacts ↔ Salesforce CRM
    3. Patricia's Google Contacts ↔ Salesforce CRM
    4. Robert's Google Contacts ↔ Salesforce CRM
  • Certain apps (notably some marketing/email apps such as MailChimpCampaign Monitor, Direct Mail for Mac, BombBombMyphoner, Flexmail, among others ...) are connected per contact subset, be it a list/campaign/project, rather than per account.
    Consequently, subscribers/contacts related to a 2nd list/campaign/project require a 2nd connection.