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Why can my fields only be mapped one-way?

Wout De Geyter

Where possible, PieSync offers bidirectional field mappings (two-way). However, there are some exceptions where a mapping can only be set up one-way:

  •  When a field cannot be modified in the application you are syncing.

  • When a field only allows some specific values. In that case we do not allow writing to the field because we cannot guarantee the new value is allowed by the field. For example: dropdown, (multi)-select, status,... fields.

  • When two mapped fields have different types such as text, number, date,... In some of those cases we cannot guarantee a correct conversion in both sync directions. For example: the data in a number field can easily be converted to a text field, but not all text values can be synced back to the number field.

Bear in mind that the general direction of your connection affects your syncing behavior. When you have configured your connection as a one way sync in the other way (→), the following message will pop up.