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Why can't I custom map my (custom) fields [incompatible]?

Jonas Rasschaert
  1. Each field can only be mapped once.
  2. Fields in a custom mapping must be of the same or a similar type. You can’t sync a numeric field to a date field for example. When selecting fields in a custom mapping, the list on the other side will only show the fields that can be mapped, unavailable mappings are greyed out. 
  3. Some types of custom fields are technically not able to sync (e.g. multiple value fields/drop-downs - app dependent). The value of what is setup as a pick list can only be synced one way, and only towards a text field. PieSync does not support syncing one value of a picklist to the corresponding value in the other app.
  4. Fields with multiple values (see example below) can’t be synced in a custom mapping. In some cases, they are synced in the default field mapping. With multiple values, we mean fields such as emails, phone numbers and addresses where each value has a label to differentiate between ‘home’, ‘work’ and ‘other’ for example.

Example: syncing Mailchimp phone fields to Copper

You will not be able to sync a Mailchimp phone field directly into a Copper phone field because of 2 limitations in our sync engine: 

  1. Copper never stores just one unique phone number but always does so in a group of mobile, home, work, ... numbers
  2. Mailchimp does not offer a phone field out of the box but only offers it as a custom field, making it an unpredictable field for our sync engine.

The workaround solution :

Assuming the idea is to capture phone numbers through Mailchimp landing pages - you should set up a mapping from Mailchimp's phone field towards a Copper custom field. Name this field something like "Phone (entered through MC)". It's not ideal, but it will make the data at least enter Copper. 

Note that PieSync will have no issues syncing between Google and Copper, since these both store phones in a group. Similarly, there are no issues either syncing the phone from Copper to Constant Contact, which holds a phone field out of the box available.  

Combined Shape

Feel free to share your specific use case, we are always looking to increase available mappings and are more than happy to look into this for you. One address, support@piesync.com