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Why PieSync's contact count might be higher than you expect

Jan Bogaert

Seeing a higher contact count than you thought you might have? Here are some possible reasons why:

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Does PieSync show a lower contact count? Go to this article: When PieSync shows a lower contact count

1. Did you disable some rules or delete a connection?

Even though PieSync syncs contacts in real-time, the contact counter is only every hour. If you just disabled some rules or deleted a connection, we recommend revisiting PieSync after an hour to see if your contact count has gone down.

A pauzed or frozen sync will not reduce your contact count. Even though the sync isn't active, our app still keeps a history on all recorded changes. To reduce your contact count, delete the connections.

2. Did you delete some contacts in your app?

In most of the supported apps, PieSync is unable to recognise deletions. As such, when you delete a contact, PieSync still thinks the contact is in sync. Deletion will still have to be performed manually on both sides and won't affect the contact count at all.

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This is why we always advise to prepare your data before initiating PieSync. As PieSync cannot delete or merge contacts, cleaning up your data whilst PieSync is active can lead to unpredictable results.

3. Do you have multiple connections syncing the same contacts?

To calculate the total contact count, we add up the unique contacts in sync PER connection. If a contact is present in two connections, we count that contact twice as these are two separate syncs we perform to keep that contact in sync continuously between all the apps.

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