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Why PieSync's contact count might be lower than you expect

Jan Bogaert

You're slightly panicking. Why is the contact count that PieSync is showing not the same as the amount of contacts that you have in your app? It's always possible that PieSync isn't syncing all your contacts. Let's go over some of the most frequent reasons why that might happen:

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Does PieSync show a higher contact count? Go to this article: When PieSync shows a higher contact count

1. Is the check box 'Avoid Duplicates' on?

If you have a lot of contacts without an email address, this might be the reason why PieSync's contact is lower than you expected.

This setting ensures that no duplicate contacts get created. It's is done by looking at the email address of each contact and using that to identify and match contacts across apps. This setting also disables the sync for contacts without an email address.

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This setting also prevents duplicate contacts from being synced. If you have two contacts with the same email address in your app, then PieSync will only sync one of those.

2. Do you have any sensitive filters?

Some filters require you to fill in a text box. These text boxes are very sensitive.

For the filter to work properly, the values in the text box have to correspond 100% with the values in your app's field. A wrongly capitalised letter, an accidental typo or a railing space can cause the filter to deliver nothing.

3. Did you just start a new sync?

You might only be looking at the contacts PieSync has created, not at the ones PieSync actually put in sync. To see your overall contact contact count go to your homepage or billing page.

Are you sure the sync is active? The sync might still be in progress or halted unexpectedly. You are able to confirm the sync status by going over to the dashboard of your sync. If the status is anything other than 'Synchronization Active', then the sync is not ready yet.

  1. Maybe your apps require certain fields to be filled?

Check if your app has any specific requirements to allow for contact creation. Some apps require contacts to have some required fields to be populated in order for a contact to be created. In most cases it's either First Name and/or Last Name or Email Address.

We recommend visiting our help page for your apps. App specific requirements are in most cases mentioned there.

If you checked all of the above and you still don't know why the contact count doesn't match, then just write a quick email to support@piesync.com stating what's happening. There might be some other error blocking your contacts to sync. Our support heroes will gladly figure this out for you! If you have a specific contact, don't hesitate to add their email address.

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