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Why prefer PieSync over other (native/free) integrations?

Jonas Rasschaert

A few considerations to take in reference to some of the free/native/other 3rd party integrations out there:

  1. Is it a full 2-way sync?  Put differently: is it capable of syncing your entire history of contacts, and not just trigger one-time updates to new contacts?

  2. Is it being as actively developed as PieSync?  (After all, it's not just the core, but the only business our ever expanding team is involved in.)

  3. Can it sync directly to all the apps your team is using? What happens if your company wants to switch software?

  4. Does it offer the same level of elaborate IF/THEN segmentation?

  5. Does it let you choose a master app, in other words: can you control which app gets priority in case of conflicts?

  6. Can it map your app's custom fields?

  7. Can it handle contacts being deleted?

  8. What about contacts unsubscribing from my marketing lists? 

  9. Can you seek support specifically about the sync features, or is customer support aimed at the generic app functionalities?

  10. How transparent is the sync? Is there a feedback log to inform you on which contacts got synced and when?