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Filters and Actions - IF/THEN Rules

Jonas Rasschaert

Your contacts don't behave the same way across apps:

  • In your marketing tool, customers are recipients that move across distribution lists and change subscriber status.
  • in your invoicing tool, they have carefully kept address & contact information.
  • In your contacts management tool linked to your phone, you expect to have their phone numbers and benefit from caller ID.
  • In your e-commerce platform, new buyers become customers.
  • ...And in your CRM, your customers should consolidate all of this information into a single view.

Here's a quick video to show you how to segment/filter your contacts

Through PieSync you can and you should tweak the sync so that not only contacts get synced, but you also respect the segmentation, tags, groups, categories, custom attributes, subscription status, ... of the apps that the contacts live in. In a PieSync rule, you can choose to add a filter and add actions to syncs. 

Good to know; in a two-way sync, PieSync will suggest to optionally undo & revert the actions so you can sync datasets in unison. In the above example, all of the contacts in Outlook category "Customers" are  those that are in Hubspot's static list. If you remove contacts from the Hubspot list, they also get their Outlook category label removed.

What you can do depends from app to app. Typically, it is in the if-clause that you'll be able to define a segment of your contacts. In the then-clause, you can perform actions such as adding the contacts to the counterpart of that same segment in the other app. Combine this with other actions you can perform as a result of a sync, and the possibilities are truly endless.

Our customers have come up with so many creative use-cases that help them maximize the benefits of their cloud-stack. Need some inspiration on setting up Conditions and Actions? Just drop us a line at support@piesync.com, happy to help!

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