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Health: Failing to sync

Jonas Rasschaert

How does a contact end up in the "failed to sync" section?

It's very common for applications to have required fields upon adding new contacts. When PieSync is trying to sync a contact from app A to app B, but in app A, it lacks certain values that are required in app B, the contact will be rejected by app B. In such case, it will show in the "failed to sync" section.

PieSync can't circumvent application required fields.

How can I recognise these?

Just below the 3 main categories (in sync, excluded and duplicates), there's a failed contact section, listing all the contacts, based on their respective failure reason.

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You can click each subcategory to view the full list.

Within each subcategory, you can click each contact for more details:

How to fix a contact failing to sync?

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As explained in the first part, syncing failure can occur because of various reasons. In general, this will be because one of the apps has certain required fields when creating new contacts. So in order to make sure these contacts can be created, the required fields will need to be updated correctly in the app itself. This is not something which can be fixed from inside PieSync.

  1. Enter the contact record in the app where the contact is available.
  2. Add / amend the particular field that is required for the contact to be synced and save your changes.
  3. PieSync will automatically pick up this change and sync the contact during the next scan (every 4-5 minutes).

Some examples

The case below shows the contacts from iCloud cannot be synced to the other app - KW Command - because certain app requirements are not being met, namely:

  1. The contact does not have a first name
  2. The phone number field contains an invalid phone number

In order to get these contacts included in the sync, we have to make sure the corresponding requirements are being met:

  1. We'll need to update 20 contacts in iCloud by giving them a first name
  2. We'll need to check 8 contacts in iCloud, since they appear to have an invalid phone number

How to get this fixed

  1. To see the actual contacts which fail to sync, simply click on one of the failure reasons. A list will then appear of all contacts failing to sync because of this particular reason, as can be seen on the following screenshot:

As you can see, these contacts only have an email address provided and no actual name. If we log into iCloud and update the first name of each contact, they will then be synced to KW Command.

Failure reason number 1 solved!

  1. For the invalid phone number, we have two options: Either the provided phone number actually is invalid. In this case you'll just have to update the number with the correct information. If the provided phone number is correct, the problem will likely be linked to the way the number is formatted.
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Many apps - including KW Command - require phone numbers to be filled in according to the E.164 international standards for phone numbers.

E.164 phone numbers are formatted as follows:

[+] [country code] [subscriber number including area code] and can have a maximum of fifteen digits.

E.g. the US phone number (123) 456 – 7890 should be formatted as
+1 (123) 456 – 7890

Let's say your uncle Bill is saved in your phone, but not with an international phone number format. He would therefore appear as a failed contact just like the example above. If you click on the failure reason and select uncle Bill in the list of failed contacts, you will get the following screen:

In this case, you'd need to go to your iCloud contacts and update uncle Bill's phone number according to international standards. He will then be synced, along with all your other contacts, into the receiving app.

Failure number 2: solved.

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