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When a field's value is different (conflict management)

Frans Leys

In the connection settings you have the option to choose a winning app. It looks something like this:

We need you to choose the 'winning app', because in the rare occasion that PieSync does encounter a conflict, it needs to know how to act.

Chances of having a conflict are very small. PieSync will only encounter a conflict in two scenario's:

1. Most commonly: during the initial sync

When matching your databases it is possible that there's a difference between two contact fields. For instance, in Autopilot the First Name of a contact is 'Dave' while in Intercom the first name of that same contact states 'David'. This is a conflict that PieSync will resolve by looking at the winning app.

Combined Shape

When your winning app has empty fields, we won't delete any field information in the other app.

2. Very rare: When a contact in sync is being updated in both apps at the same time

In the rare occasion that the field of the same contact is being altered from both apps at the exact same time, PieSync will encounter a conflict. In this case, PieSync will have the losing app take on the value of the winning app.

Once a contact is in sync, there are inherently no conflicts. The Conflict management Setting does not dictate sync direction.

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