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Connection Rules: IF/THEN

Jonas Rasschaert

With the IF/THEN rules you can dictate which contacts need to sync. Henceforth, we shall refer to these IF/THEN sentences as rules

By default PieSync will set you up with a two-way and all-to-all sync, which consists of a rule for each app without any filters or actions.

  1. TWO-WAY SYNC: A two-way sync starts off with two rules by default. Each rule fulfils the conditions of each side of the sync. PieSync looks at all the data stored on each side, so you can define exactly what data needs to move from one side to the other and vice versa.

In this example, the first rule dictates that for every contact that PieSync finds in Google Contacts, PieSync will update or create one in ActiveCampaign in case it didn't exist already there. The second rule completes this two-way sync: for each contact that lives in ActiveCampaign, a counterpart will be updated or created in Google Contacts. For instance, if you don't need all of your ActiveCampaign contacts into Google Contacts, simply remove this rule!
If you need a simple all-to-all sync, this is all you need to set up (i.e., don't change anything to the default setup).

  1. ONE-WAY SYNC: In a one-way sync, a rule based on the other direction won’t do anything. Hence it will be ignored.

  1. UNLIMITED RULES / SETTING UP MORE THAN 2 RULES: The starter plan is limited to two of these rules, but the Pro plan allows unlimited rules. Why would you need more than two rules?
    Your contacts don't behave the same way across apps:
  • In your marketing tool, customers are recipients that move across distribution lists and change subscriber status.
  • In your invoicing tool, they have carefully kept address & contact information.
  • In your contacts management tool linked to your phone, you expect to have their phone numbers and benefit from caller ID.
  • In your e-commerce platform, new buyers become customers.
  • ...And in your CRM, your customers should consolidate all of this information into a single view.

Through PieSync you can, and you should tweak the sync so that not only contacts get synced, but you also respect the segmentation, tags, groups, categories, custom attributes, subscription status, ... of the apps that the contacts live in. In a PieSync rule, you can choose to add a filter and add actions to syncs. More information on conditions and actions here.
Where can I set up a new rule? Simply click "+ Add another rule ..." on the left, underneath the existing ones:

Have more questions about Rules? Just drop us a line at support@piesync.com, happy to help! 
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