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Syncing Deletions

Jonas Rasschaert

PieSync will never delete any contacts on your behalf. This is mainly a safety measure on our end to avoid our users from wiping out (parts of) their databases completely, cross-connections/in multiple apps, in just mere seconds when a manual error is made.

We can help you with deletions though! With some of our integrations we have the a 'Sync Deletions' feature that will tag the contacts that you've deleted in the other app.

How does this work?

When you have this feature enabled in the dashboard, PieSync detects your deletions on one side of your sync and adds a tag, folder, list or group to the same contact on the other side of the sync, named 'PieSync Trash'. You can then manually check this new subset of contacts, to see if you actually want to delete them there as well. 

We choose not to automatically delete the deleted contacts on the other side, as we want to empower you, the end user, with taking the final decision on whether to delete the contacts forever, or to restore them. The 'PieSync Trash'...tag/folder/list/group/...(app dependent) allows you to do a double check before doing any unwanted damage with just a small manual action. 

Feature Enabled

Feature Disabled

When is this available?

The availability of this feature is app and connection dependent. If the feature box (screenshots above) is not there to tick, it's simply not possible. We need to be able to detect deletions on one side and at the same time be able to create a tag/folder/list/group/...(app dependent) named 'PieSync Trash' on the other side. When available, we always explain how and in what direction this will work for that particular connection (see example above between Google Contacts and Podio). 

What happens when I merge a duplicate contact?

PieSync will not be able to merge it in your other app. When using a (native) tool to merge contacts, it will essentially be deleting one contact and keeping the other one with updated information. A merge can therefore not be identified by PieSync. PieSync will sync the contact update, but the deleted contact will remain in the other app, needing to be deleted.

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