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How do toggles work?

Mary Barba

Mapping Toggles

If you set up a connection, then you will always have the possibility to toggle your Mappings on the right hand side. By Default they will all be toggled on. The screenshot below indicates a regular connection with the Mappings all toggled on. If a Mapping is toggled on, then this Mapping will be synced.

As a user you can always decide which Mappings you want to toggle off. If a Mapping is toggled off, the field Mappings on the left hand side will automatically be greyed out. This means that these Mappings won't be synced.

"I can't see any toggle options, why is that?"
If the Default Field toggles are not visible then you have been a PieSync customer for a while and are still working on our old engine. To make the toggle option accessible, remove the old connection and set up a new one to enable this feature.

The 'Undo' Toggle & The 'Other Way Around' Toggle

Depending on the rules you configure, it might be possible that our intelligent engine adds one or two toggles at the bottom of that particular rule.

An example can be found below:

The Undo Toggle

If an 'Undo' toggle appears, its only triggered after the initial sync has been done AND it will only affect contacts that have been synced because of the rule itself

For the below example the 'Undo' toggle means the following:

If a previously synced contact has the tag 'Startup members' in Mailchimp but you remove the tag in Mailchimp, then the tag 'Startup members' will also be removed for that specific contact in Copper.

So basically this 'Undo' toggle reverses the action once done by the sync if the contact does not match the rule anymore.

The Other Way Around Toggle

Sometimes a second toggle appears, the 'other way around' toggle.

When available the 'other way around' toggle actually functions as a rule in the other direction.

For the below example the 'other way around' toggle means the following:

If a synced contact has the tag 'Startup Members' in Copper then sync it to Mailchimp and add the tag 'Startup Members'. So basically this works as another rule in the other direction.

However it's important to note the second part of this toggle: If a contact does not have the tag 'Startup Members' in Copper anymore after the initial sync then remove the tag 'Startup Members' in Mailchimp.

The 'other way around' toggle can only appear if you have a 2-way connection.

What if the toggle is not appearing?

In that case, you have to create a second rule yourself. We're not able to create one for you.

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