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How do I disable the Avoid Duplicates option for my KW Command connection?

Mary Barba

What does the 'Avoid Duplicates' option do?

When 'Avoid Duplicates' is enabled in the configuration set-up, PieSync only syncs contacts that have an email address. We use the email address as the main identifier for a contact in order for us to prevent creating duplicates and to match and enrich contacts where possible in both applications.

What happens when the 'Avoid Duplicates' option is switched off

If the 'Avoid Duplicates' option is switched off we won't be able to double check if contacts that don't have an email address already exist in the receiving app, as such we might be creating duplicates.

That's why we would always recommended to keep this option switched on. If you do want to switch this option off then it is always recommend to first:

  • clean up your database
  • create a backup

How do I disable the 'Avoid Duplicates' option?

As a precaution we don’t allow users to disable this setting themselves because PieSync may not be able to reverse a sync and KWCommand does not have a way of restoring contacts either.

If you read the above and you want to disable the 'Avoid Duplicates' option anyway then just send an email to support@piesync.com and we will disable this checkbox for you.