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KWCommand Partnership

Jonas Rasschaert

What does the PieSync - KW Command partnership include?

  1. The KWCommand connection with the largest contact count is completely FREE
  2. All connections between KWCommand and other real estate apps are FREE. The Real Estate connectors shown below are currently available:
  1. For every additional connection, you'll automatically receive a 50% discount.
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Learn more about the PieSync pricing here.

How do I start?

Here's how to use PieSync through your KWCommand Portal:

  1. Click on the arrow next to your avatar and name in the upper right-hand corner of your screen.
  2. Click Settings from the dropdown menu.
  3. Scroll down to the sub-heading Productivity and click Connect Account next to PieSync.

1 KWCommand Authorization Portal Connect PieSync Account in Settings

  1. On the small pop-up that arises called PieSync Connection, click the blue Sign in to PieSync button.

2 KWCommand Authorization Portal Sign into PieSync

  1. Follow the prompts that arise to authorize KWCommand and connect directly to other apps through PieSync!
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If you log in to PieSync through your KWCommand Portal, it will log you into a PieSync account associated with your "email@kw.com" email address. If you're using a PieSync account associated with a different email address, reach out to us at support@piesync.com and ask us to add your "email@kw.com" email address as an additional identity on your account so that you can log in to your correct PieSync account through your KWCommand Portal.

Ready to start syncing?

Do you have a team?

You can invite other users to be part of your team by going over to your team page. By doing so they will be added to your account and be part of your subscription. Note that contacts are counted per connection they are in. So whilst, adding a team member is free of charge, the connections they set-up may impact your billing.

You can invite an unlimited amount of team members and each team member can set up an unlimited amount of connections. The Admin cannot see or configure any of the team members connections. You can only see the number of connections setup per team member in the team tab.

For more info: see Teams.

Why am I getting a trial after 14 days?

If you set up a connection that is not part of the KWCommand integration partnership, a trial is started. For example, if you create a new connection between Google Contacts and iCloud a trial will start (not real estate apps).

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