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KW Command Partnership

Jonas Rasschaert

What does the PieSync - KW Command partnership include?

  1. The KWCommand connection with the largest contact count is completely FREE
  2. All connections between KWCommand and other real estate apps are FREE. The Real Estate connectors shown below are currently available:
  1. For every additional connection, you'll automatically receive a 50% discount.
Combined Shape

Learn more about the PieSync pricing here.

How do I start?

  1. Log in to your KWCommand platform
  2. Connect directly within KWCommand.
  • Enter your settings via the KWCommand homepage.

  • PieSync is embed as one of the Productivity apps, ready to be used.

  • After clicking "Connect Account", you'll receive a one-time code via email, allowing you to log in directly to PieSync and start setting up your first connection.

Ready to start syncing?

- Our getting started with PieSync guide provides a step by step process towards an active connection

- We have a dedicated KWCommand article including videos of the most common use cases and much more

Do you have a team?

You can invite other users to be part of your team by going over to your team page. By doing so they will be added to your account and be part of your subscription. Note that contacts are counted per connection they are in. So whilst, adding a team member is free of charge, the connections they set-up may impact your billing.

You can invite an unlimited amount of team members and each team member can set up an unlimited amount of connections. The Admin cannot see or configure any of the team members connections. You can only see the number of connections setup per team member in the team tab.

For more info: see Teams

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