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Using KW Command in teams

Frans Leys

LEARN HOW to setup your connection to KW Command

Reminder. As a Keller Williams agent, you enjoy special billing conditions:

  • If you set up just one KWCommand connection, PieSync is 100% FREE.
  • If you set up multiple connections, the largest KWCommand connection is FREE
  • Any syncs to real-estate apps are FREE
  • For any additional connection, you'll receive a 50% discount.

This conditions are valid for each individual agent that has access to KW Command.

How is billing structured?

By default, any KW agent can go ahead and convert their own account to a paying PieSync account, benefiting from the 50% discount, as well as getting the largest sync thrown in for free.

Note that each KW Command Agent is a separate account in our books and we do not register which team you belong to.

This means that when 10 agents from the same regional team activate PieSync, they would need to upgrade 10 different times, each individually. The total number of contacts on top of the free connection are counted on a per-user basis, but they would each get their largest sync for free.

This can be the most beneficial formula for your team, for example if a lot of team members just need their one single sync.

We are several agents and only want 1 invoice?

If you are managing a team of agents, you may want to structure the cost of syncing differently. Instead of several separate invoices, and each agent tallying up their own contact count, you can group this onto one single invoice by working in a team.

You need to tell PieSync who belongs to your team - we can't detect this automatically. As a KW team lead invite those team members that you'd like to include in your own billing account. They will then no longer need to set up their own credit card information and instead, the contacts they sync will be tallied up in one general contact count.

Especially with bigger setups, you will greatly benefit from the economy of scale in pooling the synced contacts together.

There is a caveat that in this configuration you will have only one sync offered for free in the entirety of your team. So depending on how many syncs you need, you may still want to just run separate accounts.