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Steps to partner launch your application on the PieSync platform.

Aron Gosselin

Thank you so much for your interest in PieSync. We're certain this is the start of a meaningful partnership.

Please find below the next steps to go live with our platform:

  1. Complete this partnership form.
  2. Send us your complete API Documentation and provide credentials to a Sandbox Account
  3. PieSync will then build the integration and liaise with your team if necessary.
  4. Once finished, we will organize a training session & demonstration of the integration (either live or online).
  5. We will then prepare customer resources for a shared announcement.

When it comes to technical aspects PieSync will need to rely on your API Documentation. Please make sure to setup a sandbox account and let us know how we can access it so will be able to play with it and test.

Regarding marketing initiatives, please see below

Marketing initiatives

Integration launch co-announcement

  • Blog post announcement
  • Direct Email announcement
  • Newsletter Email announcement
  • Social Campaigns
  • Community announcements
  • In-app announcement
  • Co-marketing with other PieSync apps

PieSync content on (y)our site and app

  • PieSync and Partner landing page on (y)our website
  • PieSync Widget embedded inside your app's UI
  • PieSync integration featured in your on boarding sequence
  • PieSync listing in (y)our partner/integrations page or directory
  • PieSync help docs on (y)our website

Continious promotion

  • Webinars
  • Ebook
  • Social campaigns (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn)
  • Customer Case Studies
  • Guest Blogging
  • Blog posts around specific use cases and user stories


  • Training session w/ PieSync Expert
  • Training documentation for internal use. 

We keep our integrations partner close so we can continue our co-Marketing initiatives to continually improve our partnership.

PieSync CDN

If you are not a developer, or are not familiar with a CDN. A CDN (Content delivery network) is a system that allows for the quick transfer of assets needed for loading Internet content including HTML pages, javascript files, stylesheets, images, and videos.

In this case, PieSync provides you with a CDN to get all the available integrations. This allows you to easily create a marketplace like PhoneBurner did.

URL: https://cdn.piesync.com/providers/[id]/connectable_apps

You would need to replace ID with your app name. If not sure, don't hesitate to reach out.

PieSync app Widget

We offer the possibility to dynamically show all available connections on the PieSync platform. This way, your visitors will have the ability to immediately see whether or not their app is supported by PieSync. There are two versions to our widget. 

Widget Attributes

data-left (optional)
data-right  (optional)
data-size  (optional)
data-filters  (optional)

data-medium (optional)
data-campaign (optional)
data-source (optional)

Option 1: Full Size widget with no selected app

You do not have to use any additional attributes - just copy the code below.

<Widget src="https://cdn.piesync.com/widget.js" />

Option 2: Full Size widget with 1 selected app

Make sure to populate the data-left attribute in the code below.

<Widget src="https://cdn.piesync.com/widget.js" left="salesforce" />

Option 3: Full Size widget with 2 selected app

Make sure to use the data-left and data-right attributes.

<Widget src="https://cdn.piesync.com/widget.js" left="hubspot" right="googlecontacts" />

Option 4: Compact Size widget with no selected app

Make sure to populate the data-size attribute with "compact"

<Widget src="https://cdn.piesync.com/widget.js" size="compact" />

Option 5: Compact Size widget with 1 selected app

Make sure to use the data-size attribute as well as the data-left attribute.

<Widget src="https://cdn.piesync.com/widget.js" left="mailchimp" size="compact" />

Option 6: Compact Size widget with 2 selected apps

Make sure to use the data-size attribute as well as the data-left and data-right attributes.

<Widget src="https://cdn.piesync.com/widget.js" left="pipedrive" right="mailchimp" size="compact" />

Option 7: Exclude integrations

We understand you may want to exclude certain integrations, e.g. because they are direct competitors of yours and you don't like to include their branding on your website. In this case you can use the data attribute data-filter, this will prevent integrations that are technically available to be visible in the widget.

<Widget src="https://cdn.piesync.com/widget.js" left="mailchimp" data-size="full" data-filters="constantcontact, activecampaign, hubspot" />

PieSync Providers API

In addition to the widget, we also expose the long list of PieSync's available connectors in real time on an open endpoint. You can leverage this information to build out your own app's marketplace. Amend [dashboard_id] inside this URL with the name of your application.


For Example:




PieSync Brand assets

A logo & icon package can be downloaded from our website.

The official PieSync colors are #07f, #f60 #ffcd1a, #b0f, #36e292, and #232E33.

Partner Page

We’ve created a dedicated partner page for you and your team for internal use.


Partner Discount

There is a 50$ discount code for your customers that can be found here: https://app.piesync.com/referrals

About PieSync


PieSync provides a seamless 2-way contact sync between #APPNAME and your favorite apps.

Meet PieSync

PieSync provides a no-code data bridge between business applications to sync contacts and/or leads. You can personalize the synchronization by making the sync go two-way or one-way, applying filters, and customizing the field mapping. 

Since most apps are not natively integrated, you have to work out a way to get contact data from one app to another. A lot of businesses use the time-wasting import/export method, but your apps are never really up-to-date. Others use one-way pushes, but that often results in duplicates and historical data is not pushed.With PieSync you can connect over 160+ applications to #APPNAME without the need of a developer. Applications are added every week so you can focus on your business while PieSync does all the data management for you.

Benefits of the integration

Obtain a true 360° customer view

Align customer audiences in all your SaaS applications so you know you’re working with the most up to date data. 

Consistent data across all your apps

Surface relevant customer details from your customers and sync them 2-way all across your SaaS stack. Share accurate contact information across your marketing, sales and customer service platforms.

2-way syncs real-time, all the time

A two-way sync means data is kept identical in a smart way. This is different from how traditional integrations claim to sync data across apps, but only pushing data from one app to the other, back & forth. This comes with a high risk of overwriting data or creating duplicates.

Stop manual import/exports

Use PieSync to sync your contacts data seamlessly into existing databases, never overwriting data, only enriching it. Save time on data entries, prevent manual errors and focus on what matters.

Features of the integration

✓ Set up a sync in 4 easy steps

A very simple 4 step process to achieve a full 2-way sync. Select your apps, authorize them, and configure the sync. Choose between 2-way or 1-way syncing, or trigger off the 2-way sync based on contacts already existing on either side and much more. No surprises.

✓ Bidirectional Sync

PieSync is a bidirectional sync that allows you to create and/or update contacts in all your applications to prevent data loss. Truly sync up your #APPNAME database with your other apps through intelligent sync rules. Sync only a subset of contacts, and include actions so you know where contacts are coming from inside your other app. 

✓ Filters & mappings

Rich filters and customizable field mapping give you full control over how the sync will run in both directions. All data of contacts will be intelligently matched merged so you end up with richer data after the sync. 

✓ Duplicate prevention

PieSync's 2-way syncing technology is fundamentally different from integrations that rely on a trigger-action principle. PieSync processes not only new but also existing contacts and looks at the e-mail address to smart match contacts. This is crucial to avoid duplicates from syncing over.


The PieSync Pricing plans start at 9$/month and depending on the number of contacts in sync and features used pricing will go up.

More about our current pricing page can be found here.

PieSync vs Zapier

Can you fully sync the data between two apps?

Zapier: Currently Zapier doesn't offer two-way syncing features like version merging or version conflict resolution. Most supported apps don't have triggers for updated data.

PieSync: Yes, in both directions. Conflicting data is merged in a controlled way – fields will never be overwritten.

If I update information in one app, will that change be reflected in the other app?

Zapier: Not in most cases. However, some supported apps have updating capabilities, which will be stated in the trigger or action descriptions.

PieSync: Yes, PieSync constantly monitors the records in both web apps, and when it detects changes, it updates the data in the other app too, keeping everything in sync.

What about my historical data. Would it be in sync?

Zapier: The data created before your Zap was turned On will not be acted upon.

PieSync: Yes, during the initial sync we match the existing, historical data between the two systems.

More info on the main differences between PieSync and Zapier can be found here

Helpful resources

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Don't hesitate to reach out to aron@piesync.com if you have any more questions.

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