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OnePageCRM - PieSync 10% Lifetime Discount

Jonas Rasschaert

Who is eligible to receive the 10% lifetime discount for OnePageCRM user? 

  • You need to have an active OnePageCRM account
  • Not have ever set up a PieSync account before
  • Have signed up with PieSync through your OnePageCRM account as explained below
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Find out more on how to setup a sync with OnePageCRM HERE

How to redeem the lifetime 10% discount? 

1. Sign into your OnePageCRM account

To get started, go to your OnePageCRM account and then to the OnePageCRM apps tab in the top right corner. Choose PieSync and start your 14-day free trial to sync your OnePageCRM contacts with your Google Contacts by clicking INSTALL.

1 OnePageCRM 10% Discount

2 OnePageCRM 10% Discount Click to Install

2. Configure your sync between OnePageCRM and Google Contacts.

3 OnePageCRM 10% Discount Configure Your Sync

3. Your OnePageCRM - Google Contacts connection is active 

Once your connection is active, you’ll see the active integration on the apps page in your OnePageCRM account.

4 OnePageCRM 10% Discount Connection is Active

4. Like PieSync? Sign up via the OnePageCRM link to get the lifetime 10% discount.

5 OnePageCRM 10% Discount Sync Google Contacts and OnePageCRM-Find Out More Banner

Already convinced during the trial or are you looking to sync other/more apps than Google Contacts with OnePageCRM? The link ‘Find out more’ at the bottom, will lead you to PieSync where you can set up an account with the 10% lifetime discount automatically enabled for any PieSync plan you subscribe to on the billing page.

Once your trial expires, you’ll get notified and the same link will be provided to continue the sync by subscribing to a PieSync plan.

Don’t forget to read our Blog Post about our Partnership with OnePageCRM!

If you run into any questions or require some assistance, don’t hesitate to drop us a line at support@piesync.com!