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HubSpot and Dynamics 365

Frans Leys
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Using Formstack today? We'll sync your contacts and companies, but not everything. Read more.

Authorizing Dynamics 365

We simply ask your login details and your permission. To Authorize your MS Dynamics 365 account, we need:

  1. Your Microsoft Dynamics 365 'Root Service Address', to be found in the URL of your application, it should end in** dynamics.com.
  2. Your Microsoft Dynamics API version - you can retrieve this in the settings 'About' / The first 2 numbers represent the API version.**

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We do not support self-hosted Dynamics deployments.

Syncing both companies or contacts?

Before setting up a sync you'll need to choose between Accounts, leads and Contacts. Looking to use HubSpot mostly for marketing based on contacts that sit in ConnectWise? Or hand over MQL leads from HubSpot into Dynamics? You will likely only need a leads or a contact sync.

If you need both company data as well as contacts data synced, please note that these objects sync separately from one another. This means that the contact-to-company-association will need to be set up inside of each platform still. HubSpot can do this automatically.

Rule #1. Change the rules.

You start out with two default sync rules. You'll want to change these as these are probably not what you need - unless you need ALL data moved from HubSpot into Dynamics, and ALL data from Dynamics moved into HubSpot.


We suggest you turn off one or the other rule according to what your use case is. It can still be a two-way sync even with one rule turned off.

The video at the top of this article goes over a series of example rules.

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