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HubSpot and Netsuite

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Are you using HubSpot & NetSuite side by side? Did you wish they play nice with each other? You’re not alone.

PieSync’s sync engine helps you create an intelligent connection between HubSpot and Netsuite… and more than 240+ other cloud-based apps in real time.

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Note About Syncing the Company Name on NetSuite 'Individual Customers' & NetSuite 'Contacts'

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The 'Company Name' field can only be kept in a one-way sync from NetSuite 'Contacts' to HubSpot 'Contacts'. However, it can be kept in a two-way sync between NetSuite 'Individual Customers' and HubSpot 'Contacts'.

The reason for this is the following:

NetSuite 'Contacts'

On a NetSuite 'Contact' record, the "Company Name" field is a field that only accepts already existing companies in NetSuite using their internal ID.

So, PieSync can fetch and read the value in the "Company Name" field on a NetSuite 'Contact'. However, it cannot write a value in that field, as it is based on the company's internal NetSuite ID, not the name of the company in NetSuite.

HubSpot and NetSuite Contacts to Contacts Sync Company Name

NetSuite 'Individual Customers'

On a NetSuite 'Individual Customer' record, the "Company Name" field is a free text field, which is why we can freely sync it two-ways with HubSpot 'Contacts'.

HubSpot and NetSuite Contacts to Individual Customers Sync Company Name

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